Fantasy of sharing wife

While having s** with wife I have a fantasy to see her being f***** by my friend. My friend has a good big c***. I have seen his c*** only in placid state while we were having a bath in the cold river water. My c*** has a water phobia and while in water it shrinks and only the foreskin is visible. Whereas my friend who is 6.5 of height have a c*** which 4.5 inches when in cold water. Saw his c*** while he was soaping it and I wondered how long it would be when in erect position. As I was in the water hiding my shrunk c***, I tried to m********* but could not. His marriage was earlier than mine and I have masturbated thinking of his c*** being enjoyed by his gorgeous wife. His wife has big b**** and matching butts. After one week of their marriage my friend revealed that nothing happened during the last week because of his virgin wife's v***** being too tight and penetration was possible. I assumed that his c*** being too large when in erect position it was impossible for virgin p**** to be penetrated. Back I had further masturbated thinking his big c*** and his virgin wife. The other day his call came that while honeymooning and in hotel he had his first intercourse and that he had broken her virginity. That day I had too many jerkings. One day while visiting my friends house , I saw her b**** while she bend in front of me while she served tea over to the center table. That day too I had my jerkings and also had a fantasy of holding her b**** and fingering her p**** and f****** dreams.
After two years I got married and enjoyed s** to the maximum in all positions, which I too had shared with my friend as he had with me. Then confessed that his wife after giving birth to their children, had a wide p**** hole and that he used f*** her for hours. She meantime have multiple climaxes and that s** now for him is not that exciting as the tightness is not there. I suggested try the ass, to which he laughed saying his wife is totally against such idea. That day while having s** with my wife I had the fantasy of seeing her being f***** my friend and myself filming that act and also guiding his long c*** into my wife's p**** while my c*** in her watery mouth.
Though my friend stay with his wife at another town around 15 KMs apart, we used to meet and though he talks about his s** life, I simply avoids such topic fearing that I may ask him to f*** my wife. My wife is too conservative like his wife so we both know such swapping is not possible though we have not expressive talked about it. Whenever he comes to our house alone, I have many times tried to make him comfortable to sit back alone with my wife and on some excuse try to pretend as going to the market to buy some grocery, giving them opportunity, so that he may seduce my wife or she may develop some interest in him and his big c***. But he too accompanies me and never stayed back alone with my wife.
My wife at times laughs at my small p**** she sees while bathing. She once had commented that a five year old have bigger one than yours. I know she is curving for bigger c***. Once I had shown her a p*** and innocently she had stated what a big c*** that p*** star is possessing. I still has the fantasy to see my wife f***** by big c*** while enjoyed them watching and filming the act.

Aug 14, 2019

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  • I simply told me wife our friend wants to f*** her. I was lying but she said yes. I then asked my married friend if he wanted to f*** her. He said yes, and soon after I got them together. They are still f****** each other for 5 years now.

  • Perfect!

  • Show her some p*** of threesome stating to be of wife sharing etc. and mould her mind for the act

  • Better you have to brainwash her by simply stating that your friend has a crush for you and while he f**** his wife he thinks of your wife and such cooked up stores so that she too starts some fantasy over him. After some intimidation like above discuss whether she too thinks of your friends big c*** while you people are having s**. Pop up the friends big c*** and his great s** urge for your wife at times also. Thus prepare a background spadework and then create a dramatic scene of inviting your friend and arranging his presence alone with her for them to get intimate and enjoy the swapping.

  • Invite your friend who has that big c*** and allow him to stay overnight tell him to rape her while on some excuse you go out of your residence leaving them alone.

  • No rape. This can and should be consensual.

  • It's a very common thing ..alot of husbands have the fantasy of thier wife with a hot sexy guy and much bigger c*** then them. I love the fact that she even laughs at you. That's def a sign that if found the right guy she would do it but want u right there so as hes doin her they make fun of u and laugh at u. That's a huge turn on to wives that are into that! It was interesting reading your confession. ! Thanks for shareing! Maybe show the wife this one day and shell be on board!!

  • My girlfriend's ex has a big c*** she won't say much about it except it hurt. I'm trying to get her to tell me more.

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