My Sister finally paid the price

My sister has been a complete b**** to me all her life. She shoplifted some stuff and almost got caught but she drove my car and the cops came to me.

I told her I would take the rap as she was sitting for the Bar exam to become a lawyer.

But the price was a weekend of s** with me anything I wanted as many times as I wanted. She had no choice. We told out parents we were going camping, but went to a motel. I f***** her three and came inside her. I made her blow me and swallow 4 times.

And tied and gagged her and ass f***** her twice c****** is her ass. Even with the gag her screams were loud as I f***** her ass hard and rough, I used minimal lubes so she would suffer.

I also made her be naked the whole time so I could suck her t*** and finger her all the time.

I also secretly videoed it in case she said I raped her.

In the end i just had to do 60 hours of community service and my record was then wiped clean.

Three months later, Sis failed her exam and then found out she was pregnant. She said she would tell our parents I raped her. Then I sent her the video and how she did all of it on her own.

She cried for a week. It was to late to abort in our state and our parents threw her our of the house. Dad called her a f****** s***.

I'm 17, sis is 24. The age of consent in our state is 18. So she can be charge with statutory rape, if she says anything.

She finally got what she deserved.

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  • This is a made-up story you suckers. I'm not the Op I just merely don't believe a word of this.

  • I treat it as a fantasy.

  • A bit harsh. Shame it wasn't consensual s**.

  • Lol what a hoe

  • Wow. Nice. you are lucky and in a way so is she.

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