Malay people in malaysia isthe top 1 lazy race in the country

F*** of you stupid malay in malaysia.
how many years have past after merdeka?
and the malay be government for how many years?
till now still want say that malay left behind and still need the special right.
why u can learn to watch p*** and fapping in less then 18 years. but cant learn to live without the racist BUmipukimak special right in so many years after merdeka ?

let me explain to u the stupid malay racist system

their useless king just sit there and act like care about the malay people but what they do just simple. use their power to take the tax that pay by citizen and enjoy. but the citizen happy with that cause they feel like the king help them a lots. u think the money that king use to help the malay more then the money they spend for luxury and other desire?

the malay party that win in election, they just know bla bla bla like will help malay, if they help u guy why the malay race stay left behind after so many year?
they just want to be the government and get the citizen money from corruption and bribe. But what can we do, the malay still left behind, i mean their brain. so they easily trust the fool promise from the malay party that say try to help them but just want to fool them.

and the malay race citizen r the worst,
nobita = malay people
doraemon = malaysia special right
the malay never try to stop get the help from doraemon at all and the doraemon never try to stop help them at all , cause they need the malay voter for keep their corruption and bribe system for continue working. and they lost nothing for helping the cry babay malay people. cause they just take salary and the money that they use for help the malay people is the tax that pay by all malaysian, but most of it just for help malay.


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  • You sound dumb. Only good thing from malaysia is malasian pu ssy.

  • You must be into dark, ugly shih tzu faced southeast asian nasty puzzy.

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