I'm sick and disgusting

my friend had falen asleep next to me and i slipped my hand into her bra, the folowing day she admitted that she knew, and her boyfriend knows and her mother does, i know how sick and wrong i am and i just want to apologise to her but i cant get near to her without her boyfriend beating me up
i know how sick and twisted it is i just wish it had never happened, and i don't know why i did it, i am about to confess to my mum right now

Jul 8, 2010

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  • ^^^ Now that is just sick! You've really damaged your conscience, you know. You should try to fix that problem NOW before you do serious mental damage to someone else and land your sorry self in prison!

  • Hey, I once felt my sister-in-law's p**** and ass up as she lay on the couch after a night's drinking.
    Then, I took her hand and jacked myself off.
    If I hadn't thought she would have woken up the next day sore, I would have f***** her.
    So what?

  • It's me, 2nd replier again. If she was really that close then it's sad to let the relationship go over this. I think, although it may take a long time, you should pursue to fix it.

  • i don't want her to forgive me, i know that will never happen, i'm thinking about counceling and i told my parents and they told me that they are shocked by it, and i can understand if they never trust me again.
    Her boyfriend is going to put me in hospital but i don't mind that
    The thing i feel so bad about is that she was my closest friend and i loved her like a sister, i don't know why i did it :(
    She is going to tell all of my friends and make sure noone will ever trust me again, i'm thinking about moving schools because i have alot of classes with her.
    Thanks for your comments so far

  • You should feel horrible. A girl falling asleep doesn't give you the right to rifle through her clothing. If they don't want anything to do with you, don't push it. You're the one who crossed the line, and if they don't want to forgive you, they don't have to.

  • You made a mistake, you'll have to work to get past it but you can get past it. I'm friends with a guy now who did that to me. I'm over it now, but boy did he pick the wrong chick, I was a cyco fighter tom boy at the time, he nearly got punched! But yeah, he made a stupid mistake. He'll never do it again, and you won't neither.

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