I have piercing on each of my l**** and wear a small pair of gold rings. I also have a pair of spare ones in silver. They look extremely good to me and to my lesbian partner. My gf has pierced c*** and encourages me to do the same. But she is unwilling to have her p**** lips pierced. However, we are planning to stretch our pee slits. Can anyone tell us more about the way to do it safely?

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  • I have a pierced c*** - the piercing goes around the back of the small shaft. I wear an open ended ring so that it could be closed with a little pressure. Enjoy the feeling when my bf licks on my c***!

  • My wife would wear white tight jeans with no panties and right before going shopping she would love me to f*** her after she jerked off and peed. Right after I came in her she would pull up the jeans and all of her c**, my c**, and her pee, would drip down her legs and into her crotch and she would walk around in public like that and love it.

  • Just keep pulling the lips. My wife has an open p**** with stretched p**** lips and when she bends over with her short skirts in public everyone sees inside of her. She is always wet as she wants me to f*** her before she goes out. We had a business and before she went to the bank she would j*** off to a girlie book, then pee, then have me f*** her a second time, and then go out without wiping herself.

  • Can I see it? Randddom722@gmail.com

  • No, you cannot. No pix. But you meet me ...

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