I wanted to spank a boy...

Hi, When I was 13, I saw many cute, hot boys get whooped with a belt, or spanked REALLY Damn hard. And me being that kind of girl, I wanted to join in on the fun, but well no boy accepted. In my middle school, there was a boy named Bryce. He had a WONDERFUL ass. Every Girl knew about it, but only a few wanted to spank him. And one day close to the end of the school year, he finally excepted. I went to the store and bought a new belt to spank him with. We met at a park close to 11pm and went to a bench. We talked a little bit, and began. First, I stripped him bare, and grabbed my belt. Then, I slammed straight onto that ass. He grunted, and I kept going HARDER , and HARDER. At the end his ass was so red, he could not sit down. Thanks!

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  • I'm not sure where you would have seen so many boys belted, but if you had come to me if I were your age and in your class, I would have gladly let you apply the belt as often as you liked.

  • I was 12 in middle school and due to my perfect well shaped little ass girls were always pinching, smacking or giving it a feel. Three 13 year old girls got me to go to one of their houses after school and talked me into playing strip poker. Not knowing how to play had me down to my tighty whitie underpants in a few hands. I was afraid to play anymore because I was sure I'd be naked in a hand or two. I agreed to letting them spank me in the hall closet underpants down in the back.

  • Yeah, ok there Steve. Remember to take your prostate pills, old man

  • I am a submissive guy. My wife whips me. I am pretty weak so first I lie spread eagle on the bed and she ties me down. By weak, I mean that I would jump up and ask her to stop. This way she can inflict a lot of pain without worrying that I might not be able to take it. It's a pretty weird feeling being tied down because I know what is coming and yet I want it and fear it at the same time. She gags me because even though we have agreed that I want her to really hurt me, when I have not been gaged and I scream then she stops. She also has me wear one layer of clothing because if she sees bruising she stops. It is insanely painful and once I start I am writhing around and screaming into the gag. Usually it takes about 2 weeks for the bruising and welts and cuts to heal.

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