Not so annonamous texts

So I've had a major pantyhose fetish for as long as I can remember . My gf Is not only aware but is all into also. She loves it when she makes me wear them for her so I'm lucky as far as that goes.
About 8 months ago I was over my boss' house waiting for a contractor to do some work for him. I had just got done at the gym so I had a pair of shiny tan pantyhose on under my gym tights. When I got to the house his wife who's also a good friend was there. As usual she offered me coffee and as were drinking it I noticed her glancing down every once in a while. Pretty soon they were more like stares. As she turned I looked down and noticed my tights had pulled up around my ankles and in the morning sunlight it was clear I was wearing pantyhose as the light shimmers off the nylon. I let out a not so quiet " dam" and as I did she turned and watched me pull them down..neither one of us said a thing about it. So after a while I felt them sliding up again. I said the h*** with it so I let em do what they wanted and again there I was right in front of her pantyhosed ankles shining in the sunlight but this time I didnt care. Look if ya wana look I said to myself. And man she def looked. Just like that my life long secret was known by a smokin hot 40 to milf who really seemed to get off on it. Now it became a turn on when she would glance down. I pretended to try and hide it but in reality I wanted her to see them under my tights now. . I think we both were getting very turned on by all this. Me because she found out my biggest sexual secret and her because there was this guy in her kitchen wearing pantyhose and not caring about the fact I can see them and now I know his secret. .mmmmm def was getting hot in there and the sexual tension was building. Neither of us wanted to be interrupted but after about 45 mins. The bell rang and the guy I was there for arrived...cont

Aug 28, 2019

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