I shaved my pubic area, shaft, and b**** for my gf. Letting pub. area grow back, keeping shaft and b**** shaved. Feels great and very soft, she loves it. One thing, if you start shaving your b****, you will have to keep up. For the first 2 or 3 days, feels great. When it starts growing in more, itchy. I still recomend it , let your gf/wife do it for you, it's the ultimate in TRUST. If not, do it yourself, still feels good and looks much better, think of your next date.

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  • I do it every shower. I let it grow out once and the wife was disaspointed on how my b**** didn't feel as much fun to play with. Makes the junk look better in my opinion.

  • yeah, my girlfriend does it for me alot now, thanks for the advice dude. doesnt it feel great !

  • ^Wrong again E. A confession can be an expression of any personal truth. You must really learn a little literacy, before you comment on these.

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