I finnaly got to do it, And i want to do it again

I'm a 44 year old man, I have a hot wife that loves to s**** me but I for a long time wanted to suck another man I like the look of a young man with a shaved hard d*** not a huge one just clean, in my fantasy it's five inches hard and is straight guy just letting me have my way. But today my chance came and I got it. I work out three or four days a week on my way home I stop at a gym work out shower and go home. today after my work out I was alone in the shower witch is the way I like it because I shave all of my pubic hair and I'm a little shy plus I get erections regularly while in the shower so I like to do it quickly and move on. But today was different, just as I was going to get out this guy came walking into the shower he looked Maby 25 well tanned clean shaved with a b**** he turned away and my d*** got hard instantly I covered it but couldn't help but look at his d*** as I went by. I got dressed and went to the snack bar for a drink and headed to my car I still had a b**** that would not go away. I finally got to my car and this guy from the shower is sitting in his car cranking the starter and it's not starting. So I asked if he could use a ride he said please I just live around the block and I'll come get it tomorrow, he hopped in and I took him about a half mile and he was getting out he asked me if there was any thing he could do to repay me. And I don't know where it came from but I said yes maby. He looked at me and said your not going to ask me for a b******* or something? And I said no but I want to give you one. He said are you serious I get hit up all the time but never an offer, I said I have never done this before but I want to give it a try. He said why not come on in. I was really nervous but he said just take it slow and relax. I didn't know what to say so I just reached over and undid his pants and gently started rubbing his d*** thru his underwear he started getting hard imeadeatly and pulled down his underwear and I held his d*** with one hand and grasped his b**** with the other I stroked his shaft and squeezed his b**** for a few minutes then put his d*** in my mouth and kept stroking he said please don't stop I'm going to c** I kept jerking his d*** I could feel his b**** contract and he shot his c** in my mouth and I swallowed it all I got up and said I have to go but maybe I will see you again.

Aug 19, 2014

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  • I'm around 7 & keep my d*** shaved too. Hate hair. Would love to have somebody suck my d***. But I'd also like to suck on a d*** too if they got a nice one. Not into getting c** in my mouth but would definitely let someone c** on my face & body.

  • I feel sorry for your wife. She doesn't deserve you.

  • I'm a little older than you, but I enjoy blowing young guys with long hard c****. Gyms are good places to cruise, and one gay bathhouse is a piece of heaven. Nude beaches are a good second choice. There are cinemas too, but that's risky.

  • Can we meet you suck meof

  • Im a boy i want to be taken in the woods illwear cute knickers skirt i want to be sucked of

  • Would you take a boy in the woods and suck him of

  • I love sucking c*** and being sucked.love naked beaches and having mutual w*** and suck in the sun.love older men.

  • Im a boy i want you to suck me of please

  • Hot Damn !

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