The Boy

My husband knows about the boy (not a minor) I met when I was on study abroad. This boy is a very good friend of mine. What my husband doesn't know is that I'm romantically obsessed with this boy.

Every time I m********* or have s** with my husband, I'm thinking about this boy. Every time I buy my husband a gift, I'm really wishing I were giving it to the boy. I took a bunch of naked pictures of myself, pretended they were for my husband, and then sent them to the boy as well. I started vlogging just so I could have an excuse to stay on my computer all day, waiting for the boy to come online. Nothing turns me on more than the boy's voice. We m********* together over Skype.

Every day, I fantasize about leaving my husband for this boy, but I can't. My husband is a kind, honest, respectable man who can give me a good life. The boy is a street performer who's failing school and doesn't have any clear direction in life. He is irresponsible and unreliable. He could never give me a good life as he can hardly take care of himself. I would be insane to pursue a serious relationship with him.

And yet, he has a vitality that my husband lacks. He is young and is truly enjoying his youth. He is not afraid of anything. He does whatever he wants and answers to no one. He is the embodiment of adventure. I want that so badly in my life.

Can't leave my husband, can't stop thinking about the boy. Right now, I'm trying to convince my husband to open up our marriage so we can sleep with other people. It's not going so well.

It's up to my husband now. Either I sleep with the boy with his permission, or I sleep with the boy behind his back and betray my husband's trust more than I already have.

I am going to h***.

Jan 25, 2011

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  • pedofile!

  • Just f*** the boy. Hide it from the husband. Simple. Yes, devious, betrayal, infidelity and all that but you'll get over the guilt. F*** him.

  • I don't know about that, but it appears you may well be on your way to joining him, on the "street". But, at least you will have him...finally! A year or so'll be wishing for your husband back. If he(your husband) is half the man you describe, he will have found someone else....that truly loves, and appreciates him! But, have the Boy!!!

  • great response

  • where are you from ? which part of world ?

  • If you feel that way you shouldn't have got married. It is hard enough to keep a relationship going now these days. You are really self centered. Tell me would you be as willing if he did the same.....

  • One more reason not to study abroad. Grow up. Divorce him and or dump the boy! It is that simple. Does the boy have a method of supporting you. Lots of luck with that probably.

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