My uncle is hot af

I jus met him today an find him attractive and my heart starting beating very fast I never felt this way before I want him I don't know why and if he finds out he will hate me I know I think am falling for him



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  • ....i feel that way about my stepsister's uncle and hes been being flirting with me ............... and i may just let him go for it......

  • Lives too short. Just go for it!

  • ...thanks for the encouragement....i appreciate it....i'm going to do just what you said......i'm going after him!!!

  • Good for you!!!!

  • Not me mine is ugly and mean

  • Mine too. I want him in me.

  • How old r u?

  • 15how old r u?

  • 32 but I like my p**** young

  • .. that is really good for me then coz i cant stand "boys" and i wont date them.only grownup men with jobs is what i go parents hate that but they cant decide for me who to love..

  • Good girl I would love to show you what s** is like with a real man

  • .. you sound like a real man and you sound like you know how to treat a girl.most guys have no idea what a girl really needs.most guys just use a girl to get theirself off but they dontknow how to make a girl get off.which is why i stopped dating "boys" like 4yrs ago and went only for menforever.

  • Exactly that is why you need an older man not a boy, I have no interest in getting off myself until I know my partner has had multi o****** and I would love to have you climbing walls licking your p**** , show you how good it feels with a finger in your ass at the same time to

  • .. jesus you really do know how to take care of girl in the exact right had me about climbing thefucking walls just from describing what you would be doing to me.with your mouth and fingers and god only knows what your other parts could do or how good those parts really are.g******!

  • I really got you say. my uncle makes me h**** and wet like all the time. all the f****** time. he say im too young to go but he dont know yet that i already been active and im soooooo good to go. he could get with me anytime he want and nobody would never know.

  • I wish I was your uncle, no such thing as too young if one hole isn't ready 2 more are

  • Just tell him what happens between you two is strictly private. Make you use birth control

  • YES!that is exactly the right thing and its so totally true! strictly private and we tell nobody EVER! i know once he has me he will be so happy he did me and he wont want to stop EVER! you can look at his wife and see that i am better than her!

  • He will so totally NOT hate you. Trust me: if he finds out you want him, you won't be able to keep him off you. I think it would be a very very VERY romantic relationship and I don't think you should try to avoid f****** him.

  • How about you learn about punctuation and spelling first before you attempt anything else!! (Eye Roll)

  • How about if you mind your own business a******

  • Spend some time with your uncle and see where it goes. He may feel the same way.

  • Yes, this might be be worthwhile.

  • Good luck and remember he may feel the same way! Be flirty and slightly over affectionate.

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