My cousin

My cousin Teri was a short blonde. A couple years older then me. She lived a few doors down with her bf. They used to gave me babysit when they went drinking. One night I saw these slides laying on the counter. I looked at them lifting them into the light. Looked like vacation pics. Then I got to one, was my cousin Teri, completely naked. I was 18 at the time. I couldnt believe how hot she looked naked. I slid into my pocket so I could use it jerking off when I got home. Little did I know I wouldn't need to j*** off. About a half hour later she walked in alone. Drunk and I guess h****. She asked whe I was up to, told her just watching tv. She sat next to me getting closer. She asked if I saw the slides. My face went red. She saw my reaction and said did u like what u saw. I told yes, then she reached down and started rubbing my c***. I should have stopped her, but it felt so good. She undid my pants and started stroking it. I was like crap, what if her bf walks in. As I'm thinking that she goes down on me. Omg it was the best b******* I ever had. She sucked every drop out of me. She said my c** tasted really good. She stood up, took her pants off and stood up on the couch, her p**** right in front of my face. She said eat me. I loved that she shaved her p**** in a time when women really didn't shave there. As I was licking her. She starts to moan. My c*** twitched back to life and she sat on it. F****** me hard and fast saying we my name. I came hard inside her. She got off me and put her pants back on. Sat next to me and kissed me. She joked that we were more then kissing cousins now. We meet up her and there. she lives in Texas now, but when we get together it's always a good fun sexual time.

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  • I had a sexual relationship with my cousin also. Hottest and most kinky s** I've ever had.

  • Love my p**** bald but a lot younger than 18

  • Dont we all

  • Agreed. But this was in the late 80,s. So bald p**** wasn't really a thing then. Lol

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