Licking and more

It was during a sleep over. Me and my fiend were sharing the same bed. I awaken to discover he had pulled the back of my underwear down. He was licking my ass crack and putting his tongue inside on y ass hole.

The next day he asked if I liked it. I admitted I did. He talks about f****** me and putting his sperm in me. It turns me on when he talks dirty to me.

Sep 9, 2019

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  • This is how I was introduced to s** and masturbation. If you are ok with it, then have s** with him. I was in 7th. grand he was in 8th. We were f*** buddies well before it became a known as this. No love was involved just pure s**. It lasted just over two years. I still look fondly back on that time. It did not define me sexually or as a person. We were just two h**** as h*** kids. Enjoy it for the s**. Just don't be afraid to talk about it with him. Make sure both of you have an understanding of what you are doing and why. Have fun. Experiment.

  • I would love to talk dirty to you. I would love to spread your ass wide open and lick your ass hole. Sticking my tongue in and out your ass. Then I would press my c*** against your ass and slide it in your ass. I would love to go b**** deep and tell you how nice and tight your ass is. I would tell you that your ass is mine and only I could f*** it. I would love you to tell me you love it in your ass. I love dirty talk during s**. If interested let me know we could sext.

  • I love getting my ass eating and curious about getting it f*****

  • I would love to lick your ass and then f*** it.

  • Let him c** in you, my uncle did it to me the first time when I was 7 I loved it

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