Ever since my nieces 9 year old friend I watched 1 night just her and me , She asked to shower with me I let her I've been thinking about her already. As so as I seen her step in it was unavoidable it's stiff . I guideed her hand around it and didn't need directions I got to room it was SO INTENSE it's never the same again I've gotta have young



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  • Youre f*****

  • All pedos deserve capital punishment.

  • My wife used to let me take long showers with both my 9 yr old step daughter and my 6 yr old step son. I loved teaching her how to jack me off and from then on she couldnt get enough of hard meat, and then I sucked both of them off. The weekends my wife had to work the 3 of us would suck each other off for hours. I loved both her tight, bald pu__y, and his stiff, hard boy meat. They loved it...it wasn't rape...it was great fun for all.

  • Lovely, I am into both also, I would love to see your step daughter sucking her brothers c*** and both of them sucking yours, I had a 3 year old suck mine it felt fantastic

  • 8 is my youngest so far I love very young p****

  • Yes I agree please kill yourself. You’re disgusting

  • Raping children is beyond disgusting. Kill yourself.

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