First experiences

Between the age 8 and 15 I lived with my grandparents, because my parents had to travel a lot for their job und wanted for me to live steady. I had a best friend at that time and she often visited me overnight. My grandparents agreed to that. My grandpa has had a stroke at age 65 and since then he did not hve much left of his eyesight and he still only heard on the right ear. I confess, we sometimes joke with him and it was not nice from us but he never was angry with us. He hugged us and smiled all the time.
Then, one evening, it happened. We must have been 11 or 12. My friend had to go into the bathroom and when she returned, she was overly excited and told me, she had seen my grandparents having s**. I could not believe it because the both were quite OLD! But she took me by the hand and pulled me after her to the door to my grandparents bedroom. the door was open and I stared in some kind of shock. My friend was right. Upto then we only had heard about theses things, but my grandma was on the bed between the legs of my grandpa and she had his p**** in her mouth and her head was bobbing up and down. We never thought someone around us would do such a thing. But it was hot and I became this tingly feeling in my stomach. We both stood there and only stared. The I saw, my granma had seen us. She whispered something in the healthy ear of my grandpa and suddenly his p**** looked bigger and longer. my grandma looked happy and smiled at us. We looked until grandpa was finished and his p**** became smaller and softer, then we went to bed. The next day my grandma asked both of us for a talk. Ok, yes, we were scared what would come over us. But anything was ok. She asked if we would do it again. Grandma stuttered uncertainly but we understood, that after she told grandpa that we are watching he got a real erection, as she called it. His p**** did not get hard for years and this was the first time. And she again stuttered but she wanted make love to him like they did in earlier times. So that evening we went to their bedroom and watched the two make love. She was sitting on him and bobbing up and down and we could see how his P**** went inside her.

Sep 9, 2019

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  • If I was grandpa I would have my d*** in your 11 yr old p*****

  • OP: I'm sure you would

  • Long before 11

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