My sister might be a stripper

A guy I know, who knows my family, told me that he saw my youger sister pole dancing at a strip club. I don't want to believe him but I don't think he'd lie to me about something like that. She's 22 so she can make her own decisions I guess but it worries me. Being a woman I've never even thought about strip clubs and I don't know anything about them but they seem like such seedy places. If she dances there does that mean she might be giving lap dances or even something worse?

I'm thinking about going over there one night to see if it's really her and then figure out what to do from there but I don't know what to expect. Actually I'm terrified. Will I be the only woman there with her clothes on? I dont want to have to fend off a bunch of sexual advances or anything. I need advice.



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  • Your sister was the worst h***** I ever paid for and I want my money back .
    P.S I Fucked your sister

  • My sister is a stripper and I thought it would be funny to buy a lapdance. I didn't expect her to give me what I payed for but she took me into the back room, stripped off her clothes, and got ontop of me. I was getting a little bit of a woody but I hoped she didn't notice. Then she started really grinding her crotch into me I just couldn't help it. My woody had turned into a throbing erection. She stopped and whispered in my ear, "You know it's weird that you have a b****, right?" I ended up being the one embarrassed.

    To answer your question, I think your sister is probably okay. Most club owners want to stay on the right side of the law. Plenty of clubs don't even allow full nudity. She might be giving lap dances but probably nothing involving prostitution.

  • I'd f*** her

  • Give her a call and just ask her. If you are close, she'll tell you the truth. As far as "something worse," don't probe too much if you don't want the full details. Just ask if she is a stripper and leave it at that.

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