My sister's a stripper

I found out my sister is a stripper and now I go to watch her 2 or 3 times a week. We don't say anything to each other but I've put dollars in her thong and she let me. I slipped a finger in her there but she moved away real fast. I think because she's not allowed to let dudes do that to her. I'm so h**** for her but she doesn't acknowledge me there or at home. I j*** off thinking of those amazing t*** and I want to lick her c*** so bad. She's so damn sexy when she dances. Better than all the other girls there. I'm 22 and she turned 18 about 6 months ago. I think she started then.

Oct 13

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  • I was 16 when I saw my sister practicing dancing in our basement, it was set up with carpets and pretty nice, the family used it as a relax room.
    She didn't know I was there, since the folks had gone to Reno and just my sister and I were home and I was supposed to be in school but I played hooky.
    She took off her clothes real sexy like, then she spotted me and told me to leave. But I asked her what she was doing, she said she had an audition downtown the next day and warned me to not tell Mom and Dad.
    I said I wouldn't if I could watch so she let me, she did several outfits down to a bra and panties.
    I asked her if that was all she would take off if she got the job, she said yes but she was lying, the club she went to work for was out in the county, and a full nude place.

  • My sister got addicted to drugs. After many attempts to help my parents could not deal with her stealing and violent outbursts. They cut her off and kicked her out of the house. A few months later a friend told me he saw her prostituting at a truck stop. I started cruising by there when I could and a few weeks later I found her. She was dressed in an outfit you would expect for that line of work. I took her to the burger joint next door and got her something to eat. I kept staring at her wondering what it would be like? I knew she would ask me for money. When she did I took advantage of it. We drove behind a building and she sucked my d*** for $40. Since then I have been back to see her several times.

  • It's her job dude, she makes money stripping for guys like you. You're doing the thing so many strip club customers do and thinking the stripper is a s*** who will f*** anyone, when in fact it's just a job they can do 'cos they've got the bodies for it.

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