I have ever been close with my sister. She is 5 years my senior and when I entered puberty at around 11 she has already been 16 and she had a steady boyfriend. She showed me how to m********* after I read about it and asked her. She was very open. She first showed me doing it to herself, then I did it and she gave me tips doing it better.

We never ever touched each other because we are no lesbians. but she often told me about her boyfriend and what they did with each other. I always made me hot and h**** and afterwards in my bed I had to m*********, fantasizing me being her and what I would do to her BF.

On my 13th birthday I has a secret wish for her. I wished, I could watch them doing it. Just watch. And at the next chance, our parents were out of the house, her boyfriend was there and she came to my room, took me by my hand and led me over to her room. Her BF was nude already and lying on her Bed with a complete erection. It looked l*** like I did imagine it.

they had me sit down on the chair at her workdesk and then they did it. they started doing oral and did it even at the same time (69ing, I heard later). And they let me watch when My sister got on her back with over her and then putting his (for me) very long D*** into her. They f***** and all the time my sister looked in my eyes. I was so h**** I have never been before.

He took it out and let me see jerking off on my sisters belly. The both were breathing heavy. I loved my sister a lot more, that she did that. I went to my room and yes, for sure, I did myself. I did not dare doing it while I watched them.

When I came the second time and opened my eyes afterwards, they were both standing, still in the nude, in my doorframe and watched me. My sister came to me and she said, they have talked and if I want, I could come over and if I dare, I could touch his c***. Oh, I did dare!

We went back to her room and he layed down on his back. his c*** stood straight up again. For me it was fascinating. Me and my sister knelt down beside the bed and she told me all I needed to know. I touched my first ever c*** and jerked him. and she let me kiss it and put it in my mouth. but she was the one, who sucked him off. she showed me his c** in her mouth and tried to kiss me, but that I did not dare.

I love my sister, especially for that!
Anyone similar experiences?


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  • The same thing basically happened to me a couple of years ago. When I hit puberty and got confused my sister really helped, and when I got curious, she showed me how to m*********. Mainly she demo'd on her but she did finger me a few times and in fact gave me my first o*****. Like your sister, being a bit older she had a boyfriend, and whilst she hid that they were having s** from our parents, she didn't from me and I heard them a lot. I used to m********* a lot to the sound of them having s**, and asked my sister a lot of questions about what they did and how it was, always saying I wish I could see it happening. She eventually agreed, and I hid in her bathroom with the door open a crack and watched. It was the best thing ever watching them play and then have s**. I had joggers on and I slipped a hand in my panties and masterbated as I watched them have s**. Afterwards my sister confessed she liked having me watch, as it made it more naughty. She said I could watch whenever I liked as long as her bf didn't see me. Over the next couple of months I hid in the shadows as my sister and her bf put on a s** show for me.
    As my body matured a little and I had had some basic experience with boys, kissing, being fingered and one fumbled hand job, my sister decided it was time I got the real deal. She persuaded her bf to lend his services, (I say persuade, I think he was eager to do the little sister, as I was). My sister led him in to my room, I was naked and shy, my sister put a condom on her boyfriend and guided his c*** in to me gently. She moved his c*** in and out of me for a few mor thrusts, then stepped back and helped calm me and focus. I didn't c**, but it felt great albeit a bit sore. He came (no suprise) and then my sister asked him to go to her room and we chatted. That was my first time, and unusual as it was I think it was a good experience.

  • How old are you now though ? I would like to f*** you really harder

  • 16 now, how about you?

  • Wish I was there I would have f***** you I love young p****

  • OP: You do? So you have any experiences?

  • Hi, I have a younger sister and I am her brother. I think it's very common for siblings to learn about s** from each other and I would say it's quite normal. I'm not sure if your sister's boyfriend should of been involved. I had a sexual relationship with my sister and I was her first. So I guess I taught her about s** and we are both totally ok with that.

  • OP: thanks for your words!

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