Never enough for my husband he always wants more..

I've been with my husband for 10 years now when we were first together I would definitely say s** is what brought us together the sax was undeniably amazing we connected on so many levels with s** and let me start off by saying we started off as friends for a long time there was nothing going on between us but then that one night that it did go there it never stopped here we are 10 years into our relationship and all we do is fight about s** he wants to take me out of my comfort zone use things that I don't want to use it do things I don't want to do and of course I don't have the s** drive anymore that I used to I have five children I've had multiple surgeries for endometriosis in March of 2019 I had my Fallopian tubes removed in the birth control removed hoping to get a s** drive back which I did but s** still continues to be pretty painful for me not all the time but a lot of the times he wants at every single day and if I do give it to him one day he expects it day after day after day after he's never satisfied and we could have s** and then get off multiple times is the next day he still wants it and his craving still is not met I feel like no matter what I do I can't satisfy him and it's destroying our marriage he's always mad he's always saying mean things about it since I had the surgery I did start having more s** and I really am trying to keep him sexually satisfied but recently he told me that there's nothing I can do nothing satisfied in him no I find myself asking myself why do it at all it causes me pain have to stuff we do I don't enjoy so why continue to do that and he's still not satisfied I watch him get grumpy and irritable and more angry and I'll say more mean things until I give him what he wants and then when I give him what he wants to cycle just starts all over again I feel like no matter what I do I'm in this vicious s** cycle. At this point I feel like it would take multiple women to keep him sexually satisfied and I am leaving a part of the story out that my childhood was rough is there was molestation and rape when I was a younger child growing up in foster care and yes he is aware of it never did he trigger any of those things until recently I almost feel cheap I almost feel like all he wants from me is s** and that all of marriage is to him is s** the days he wants some he's there sweet lovey dovey cuddly bear and then the days he don't get it he barely speaks to me I feel like to have a husband I got to have s** I'm 33 years old and he's 29 and we have five children we've been together 10 years married for 7


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  • Rianna age 10 dped in woods

  • You should "assume the position" at least every once in a while; it's a woman's job to her husband, no different than cooking and cleaning. But if he's that ramped up get him a bottle of lube and tell him to watch p***. Encourage it. But still, he will need the real thing on occasion, so spread 'em.

  • You would not care to be married to me then. Been with my wife for 22 yrs and s** at least once on a daily is the norm. If she is having female issues she makes sure I am taken care of in other ways.

  • At least suck this guys d*** ffs your job is to keep his nuts empty.

  • He is going to cheat 100%. i had the same issue and cheated and then left. sorry but men need s** and will find it with someone else if you wont give it to him

  • You should sit down and talk to him about this. This will never get better unless he’s heard from you how it still bothers you. He needs to know how you feel. Showing some Emotional support should really show how he feels about you. I hope things get better for you.
    If you need help he should at least be there for you

  • Just allow him have s** outside then whats d biggie

  • What do you mean allow him to have s** outside and then I don't believe he's going to cheat he hasn't cheated this far and it's been at least three years and honestly I don't know if I did this confession post to have people tell me to have them f*** other women or that he's going to cheat on me that's not what marriage is about and I find it very sad that that's what people think

  • What is you feel you are looking for?
    To increase your s** drive, lower his or some kind of equalibrium?
    Maybe just talking through might help?

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