I have no conscience

I've been dating my gf for 2 years now. she's incredible. has never done anything wrong, and literally does everything imaginable to please me.
Im a greedy little ass though. I've never cheated on her until i went to orlando last weekend and hooked up with a girl i used to work with. the sick part is, I dont feel bad, I dont regret it, I'm a sick person. now all i want to do is sleep with other girls.

im content with my relationship, but i'm still miserable at the same time. what the h*** is wrong with me.

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  • If you loved her the way you say you do, you wouldn't WANT to be with anyone else. And just the thought that you were hurting her would be enough to make you NOT cheat in the first place. So if I were you, I'd find some way to figure out what's more important, having your fun or being with her. Because what you're doing to her, whether she finds out or not, is so awful. If you do have any feelings for her whatsoever, either stop cheating or break up with her. You really are treating her like s***, and it's not fair to her. Doesn't she deserve better than that?

  • she is "the one" though. I want to get married to this girl. I really do love her.

    it's just that i'm 20 years old, and i guess i'm just not ready for complete committment. If I tell my gf how I feel, I'll probably lose her forever and I definitely don't want that. If I don't tell her then either eventually I get caught, or I keep this dark evil secret buried inside me all my life.

    It just seems like a lose lose situation.

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