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My friend and I sit in the back row in every class, He always sits next to me, One day in class he asked for some help so the teacher came over and was helping him, I looked over and she was wearing a dress, Not super short or anything but I was checking out her legs which are actually pretty damned nice, I don't know how old she is, Someone told me 38 but I can't say for sure. After school I was telling my friend about it and he said "Tomorrow I'll do it again" and so it begins, I have taken pictures up the skirts or dresses of three teachers, Pretty much every day that one is wearing a dress he asks them to help him with something and I sneak my phone out of my pocket, Slip it under their skirt or dress and snap a few pictures.
First one was Mrs. P...So far I know that she goes commando a couple times a week, When she is wearing panties she wears...Not thongs but they show a lot of cheek, I have 23 pictures of her from 15 different days of her bent over helping him and 9 of those show her p**** and in 3 you can see her ass hole, For an older woman she looks pretty decent and keeps it shaved at least the part I can see, and she is blonde so she doesn't have a big hairy butt hole either, Pink lips, Pink butt hole and bald from what I can see.
Next was Mrs. F...Only 4 pictures so far and she hasn't gone commando yet but she does wear thongs and in one picture it is pulled to the side a bit and she has most of one lip showing, She is younger, Maybe late 20's to early 30's and brunette, In one picture her panties are sort of see through and you can see she has a racing stripe of dark pubes and she does have a bit of a hairy butt hole but a nice shaped butt.
and then there is Ms. R...Late 40's, Always done up and wearing heels, Always in a dress and always looking good for an older broad, Her daughter goes to our school and is a smoke show and she is our biggest contributor, Freckly legs, Butt and cleavage, Big b**** and I have over 40 pictures up her dresses, Sadly she has only not worn panties twice, Once she was wearing nylons or whatever you call them and she stood perfect, Leaned over my friends desk, Legs slightly apart and I was able to slide my phone right between her legs and snap a couple good ones. She has a big set of inner lips showing and they are all scrunched up in her nylons and her p**** looks so weird but the next ones I got has her in thigh high nylons and no panties, She had her ankles crossed as she stood there and I got three pictures of her from behind, Little bit of cellulite in her butt cheeks and you can see her p**** lips sticking out, she stopped, Stood up, Said something to the class, Everyone looked at her then back down at their books and when she leaned back down she uncrossed her ankles and BOOM, 2 pictures of her from underneath, Freckly even on her p**** lips, Hairy p**** with big pink lips hanging out and a hairy butt hole then I quickly put my phone away but when I got home I must have jerked it to her 5 times that night.
Well, Only one more female teacher left but she has yet to wear a dress so, Maybe one day.

Sep 19, 2019

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  • My yearbook teacher Mrs s usually wears white hanes panties. You can see much else past that.

  • If you’re actually sharing those pics, I’d love to see. Shady4744@hotmail.com

  • Would love to see those pics, that's hot!

  • Eat_cooch@yahoo.com

    Would love to see those pics. Love good upskirt pics and buttholes too!

  • Can i see? I love taking upskirts too!!! Turns me on so much mikeconstance4@gmail.com

  • The older lady sounds great
    How old are you ?
    I was 13 saw my 44 year old mum in her bra and knickers.
    I later borrowed both for to find out if she had left pubes in her knickers and to have sniff of her f****.

    I found a lot of long curly pubic hairs
    So knew she had a full bush.
    Her f**** smell from her knickers was aromatic and warm.
    I sniffed her pee stains and her skid mark
    I was knelt on my bedroom floor sniffing her knickers and sucking her pubes when she walked in on me.
    She just said "Next time shut the door" and took her knickers off me.
    We were both embarrassed.
    It was. Never mentioned again though I continued to sniff mums knickers and I know she knew.

  • Wish I could see some of these pics! Which ones did you like most - younger or older??

  • I would like the to dude.Help a fellow student out? send them here drangonriderwill @ protonmail . com

  • Share those pics! pokerface69692@gmail.com

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