After 20 years of marriage minutes trying BBC twice long ago!🥰

She has known my BBC obsession for over two decades, but didn’t want to tell me about her own experiences because she didn’t want me to hold it against her! The only thing I want to hold against her is her NEXT BBC!

9/16/19 - Wifey the "I've had way bigger c**** than yours, Hubby" Mudshark finally f***** me after a year and a half! She ALSO CONFESSED that she had not one but TWO Niggercock experiences years before we married 20 years ago! Up to this point she only said she "once kissed a Negro." Maybe that's the only ones she's owning up to? Her first Big Black Niggercocking was during a college grad girls trip to Cancun. (I should now joke with her that she rewrote that location to CananddidCOON!) Her 3 deadbeat friends didn't want to go dancing the last night so she went alone, was quickly seduced by drinking and great dance moves, resulting in instant JUNGLE FEVER for a "strong, tallish, smooth, very dark Jamaican with accent and everything!" They went up to his room and madly kissed (she described his huge lips on hers and imitated on me.) but she then suggested it was too hot and they should go down to the pool. I was f****** her and she said to "Slow down like the Black men do" whereupon I celebrated my BBCwife!

The next day I bought her roses and also three black plastic ones. I told her that two of the roses represented her 2 BBC experiences and the third for the ones that maybe she never told me about and the ones upcoming! I also included a card with handwritten confession that I would love to find a Big Black Bull for her! She shredded the card pretty quickly but never said no, and I remind her of that all the time! What is my next move?
I want her to get back into BBC with my full support!

Sep 20, 2019

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  • Support her

  • Thanks so much & you BET!

  • Title should have read that she admitted trying… Not minutes trying.

  • Correct & THANKS!

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