Swapped roles

I'm not sure, if I should tell it here but where else, when not here.. Tha case is, I have been very young as it happened. The basement was built, when I was just 5 and I wanted to bring my mom some flowers for her birthday. ans when I walked into their bedroom my mom had my dads p**** in her mouth slurping at it. I stood there and did not know, what to do, but - please don't laugh - at that moment I though they had argued and mom wanted to bite it off. they both came to me to calm me down and they told me that when one loves the other very much, that they then do such things to one another. It happened when I was 9 and i spent 2 weeks with my grandparents in her camper at the sea. I woke up in the morning and saw my grandma jerking on grandpas c***. I did not think about it, I walked over took grandmas hand from his p**** and took it in my mouth. OK, call me naive. For me it was only logic. He was my grandpa and I love him very much. Bingo! first they did not know what to do and my grandma has been just fast enough to take my head back before he shot his load. It has been a long and partwise emberassing breakfast that morning.

Sep 20, 2019

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  • I had a gf with a young daughter very cute too!! Walked in one morning quietly while her mom was sucking on me . We tried not to panic, she was looking curiously and was like wow that is big!! (8 inches btw) that was rapidly shrinking! She said it looked like a snake, and wanted to touch it, gf laughed, said ok , but be gentle. Her little hand didn't even fit around it, they both petted it for a few minutes..

  • If I was daddy I would have taken my d*** from your mums mouth and put it in your 5 yr old mouth little ones suck c*** so good

  • Wow! I’d say you might have feelings for wanting to suck on a c***. You should try it. Find a nice good looking guy and watch how fun it is to suck on it limp and watch it grow in your mouth. The reward is a nice load of sweet tasting c**

  • I definitely have the desire to suck on a hard c**k, and want to act on it. Any guys with a shaved small to medium c**k want it sucked on? I live in El Paso.

  • It is a shame that we live in the same state but are over 800 miles apart or I would take you up on that offer. I live in the Beaumont area.

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