When my best friend gave me a punishment

So it all started when when we are at school. There was a new girl and I’m required to be her tourist. I toured her around the school and sat with her at lunch and gave her good advices. I guess me Best friend, Laurel got jealous and said she wants to talk to me privately at her house. So I got there by 4:21 and she yelled at me for dumping her under the bus for a new girl. I explained I am her tourist and I am just trying to support her for the new school but she didn’t believe me. I did not expect what happened next “You will pay,..” Laurel left the room and came back seconds later with a hairbrush and cane. “You better get on my lap” she said. I was terrified but I do not wanna make it worse so I did what she said. Laurel smacked me with the hand 20 times and I cried so hard I cannot breathe. But laurel was staying strict. After the hand, It was the hairbrush and it is on my panties. She took off my pants and spanked me 22 times. “Please Laurel. Stop please! I really do not want any trouble, It hurts!” But that just made her madder. Eventually, She pulled my panties off as well. SMACK SMACK SMACK. “ARE YOU GONNA REPLACE ME NEXT TIME, FAKIE?” She yelled. “Y-yes” I whimpered, She caned me 30 times. My bum was as hot as fire. It’s an painful experience. My bum is reddish black and I feared she’d give me more, Laurel said gently “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to do it hard but I’ll go get some cream” She got some cream and spread it on my bruised bottom. She hugged me next and flicked my pants and panties back on, I cannot sit for 2 weeks.....But I know I deserve it.

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  • I'm calling bullshit on this one. Cream? really?

  • Sure, a little lotion after a spanking is nice. My roommate spanks me about once a week. We were talking with our next door neighbors in the dorm about spankings. One had been spanked by her dad, paddle over the jeans. The other girl and my roomie , bare bottom by her mom. I said I'd never been spanked in my life, which was true. After the girls left she said we would fix that. She got out her hair brush and made me pull down my pants. After she got done spanking me, she made me stand in the corner with my pants down for 15 minutes. I didn't realize how much I'd enjoyed it until then.

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