Playing in my spandex

I confess I’m a guy and I’m obsessed with Lycra spandex. I love the way it feels and looks. I love women spandex I have a huge collection. Leggings, Capri pants , little shorts, sport bras and tops. I always wear them at home it makes me feel so hot and girly. Lately I started going out dressing my cute outfits specially jogging late night when is dark. I tried something different and I went late night to
My local gym which was empty. I was wearing this cute lululemons leggings and a really tight long sleeve thought T-shirt. I must say that my body look amazing. I was wearing a really thigh Timmy short under near so my c*** does not show up. I was doing my thing admiring my body while exercising feeling so sexy, girly and strong. Suddenly this hot guy show up also wearing women clothes. I was kind of ashamed so I decided to go to the lookers and go home. I was opening my locker when i felt that someone grab me from the waist I turned around and it was this strong sexy guy. He started rubbing his hand against my c*** despite of the compression my c*** just got huge like never before. I feel the amazing buttery material pushing against my c*** is started pre coming. I’m not gay and never been attracted to guys but this was one on the hottest moments of my life. I turned around and started kissing this guys , I placed my hand on his spandex and I remember that was sock by how big this guy was. He had to biggest c*** that I ever seen strong like a rock. I couldn’t resist and I bent and pulled his leggings down and this monster just came out of his pants. I opened my mouth and started sucking this gorgeous c***. He kept rubbing mine that at this point was so hard and erected like never before. He did the same and started sucking my c*** probably it was the best b******* that I ever have in my life. I came inside his mouth he did the same but he let all that c** cover my whole face. I never thought that somebody can release that amount of warm amazing c**. I never see this guy again.


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  • Lucky boy. Wear panties or a thong underneath and you will feel even sexier.

  • I love wearing ladies panties and stockings and have just started wearing nylon leggings & tights, and have not considered myself gay, but now all I fantasize about is finding some guy with a beautiful shaved 3 or 4 inch limp p**** that I could worship with my mouth and have him c** all over my face.

  • I will love to play with you

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