MIL Attraction

My MIL gets me h****. We have a great relationship, she treats me like a son. She’s seen my c*** multiple times, while we were at my house alone. She’s walked into my bedroom while I’m getting dressed to drop off laundry or I’ll be putting on lotion with my bedroom door open and she’ll walk by and I’ll intentionally stroke my hard c***. I’ve even showed her my c*** through my loose robe, and she has never mentioned anything. Even talking to me while my c*** is exposed. I’m a lil nervous but I want her 65yr old p****. I’ve seen her light hairy p**** and saggy soft t*** before when she’s worn just a night gown or robe. I’ve been with my wife 17 yrs and I’m still h**** around her. I almost always rub/touch her soft ass when we hug/greet. I’m always trying to sneak in extra hugs and rubs. Sometimes she tells me enough but laughs and kind of stays there. I want to push the envelope but am nervous at the same time. She still treats me the same and has not put a stop to anything, idk. I love this lady!!!

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  • I'm in a similar position. When I'm at my MIL's house, I'll find a reason to change and then walk around with an erection in my boxers. Sometimes I leave the door open and get naked while changing and walks past slowly. I've seen her t*** but not her p****. She left the bathroom door wide open while showering. I've also rubbed my d*** up against her loads when hugging, grabbed her bum, rubbed against her t*** until I see her nipples get hard. In fact once I did walk around I'm just a rob, reached up high for something so my d*** which was raging hard was in full view not too far from her face. As she got up her hand brushed it. And other times she's let her feet rub against my groin, so sexy

  • Keep us posted.

  • You want to push the envelope? WTH do you call your behavior thus far?

  • Go ahead - you have already gone quite too far. Try leaving bathroom door open to have shower and if she is around, invite her in. I am sure she will respond to your invitation. Get used to have shower together couple of times. Shave her p**** as she cannot do that at her own at her age. You will be thrilled to see her sagging p**** lips - inviting your mouth to suck on. F****** her smooth loose p**** should be a great delight.

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