Sucker in a sweater

I have had a fetish for women's sweaters since I was young. the thicker and fluffier the better. I used to sneak my moms sweaters so I could rub my c*** on friend found one in my closet when he was spending the night..long story short I ended up wearing nothing but the sweater on my knees in front of him sucking his c***..I still like to do it



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  • Get the sweater on and get on your knees my c*** is hard

  • I am a guy,17,and my sister who is 15 is a bedwetter.I have a fetish for the plastic pants she wears over her diapers to bed every night.They are adult size and girly.she has pastel colored one as well as babyprint pairs.I like to sneak a pair out of her room and put them on and m********* in them.

  • That one way to make a long story short!

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