I love her, but . . .

. . . she is a prostitute. I met her in a bar while she was on a "date". I didn't know at first that it was her job. She told me the guy was her boyfriend and she had to be careful because he was married. But I asked her out anyway and finally she said yes. So we went out a couple times, and we started having s**. She knew things other women don't know. Wild s***. Sick s***.
Good s***. Eventually she told me I was going to have to pay for the times we had f***** and for any new times. Her p*** shows up and threatens to cut me and kill me if I didn't pay the past due and said there would be no more "dating" and no more free p****. I was going to call the law on this guy (dude was a black POS and drug dealer) but she said she would get throwed in jail but not him. So I got her to a trafficking service and they placed her out of town until it was safe for her to come home. When she came back, she wanted to come to me which I said was okay for sure (even though we both had to lie that we never had f***** each other before) and I fell in love with her because the s** was the best I ever had. I want to ask her to marry me now but I don't know if I can trust that she won't go back to peddling the p**** for money. It's just that the s** is soooooo f****** g****** good.

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  • Then you woke up in your mothers basement in your old recliner with c** stains in your pants

  • Every situation -- like every woman -- is different. Do NOT make a decision on the basis of someone else's experience. If you love her, hold on to her until that is no longer possible.

  • You’re retarded

  • They're sensible. It's understandable that you would be confused and offended by superior intelligence.

  • I'm just the opposite. I dumped a woman because she wouldn't f***.

  • Of course

  • Same with me. I wouldn't care about her past half as much as I would care about her future. Don't let her she has been obscure your view of where she's going. Let her live with you for a while and see how things are.

  • Interesting stuff. I asked a girl out, she said she was a h***** and I'd have to pay for her time as well as dinner. I did anyway. Ended up paying for s** afterwards. We did this a few times until she stopped charging me. We've now fallen in love and have been together for 2 years. She is still a h*****. She has chance of going into regular work and she earns well enough that I don't really have to work.

    Weird thing is I love the thought of guys paying her to f***. I love the thought of tiny d*** fat guys desperate for s** or huge built black guys giving her a hard f*** hitting spots I could dream of reaching. I love the stories after. I love when she can't quite walk properly or when she stinks of c**, gets into bed with me and starts kissing me with her cummy mouth or makes me eat her p**** (she doesn't do bareback).

  • Lucky guy. You have the best of all worlds. Congratulations!

  • She came back tonight covered in c**. She earnt £3,000 tonight by taking on 3 guys, very unusually she let them cumon her but she made it worth it. She came back home, blouse torn, skirt the wrong way, c** in her hair, all over her t*** and body, make up smudged. Without any talking she started kissing me, then told me to lick her clean and got naked and lay on the floor in front of me. After I f***** her but she was so loose. Too loose for me to c**, so I f***** her ass. I came when she said that's the 4th different c*** in her ass today.

  • She is a dream c** true, to bring all that home for her man to enjoy, and not just that, but to talk with you about it, to let you share in the product (ALL THAT C**!) and also in the process (four c**** in her a*** and all in one day)!! one of the other posters said before that you were lucky, but that's not the half of it: you are the luckiest man alive. you should -- you MUST -- marry this dear girl. you said you came when she told you she'd taken four c**** in her ass that day? well, so did i. damn! DAMN!

  • We have talked about getting arrived but she has always believed in order to get married she would have to give this up, we both agreed right now we don't want that.

    She has shown me pics and secret videos of herbfucking clients. She gets me naked, plays the video and likes to see my d***'s reaction. She has had clients take pics of her f******, sucking, etc and then whatsapp them to me while I am at home cooking dinner or something.

    One time we escalated it it. A guy had been visiting town, he had met her and paid for her every night, one night even to stay over (they f***** 9 times!) and the final night she offered herself for free if he had a bigger d*** than me. I'm not badly endowed so I went along, either way this would be entertaining. Into the hotel room he walked, 6ft 5 black guy, he just laughed. It was massive. My girlfriend made me reveal my d***, it looked a finger in comparison to his. My girlfriend tripped naked in the bed, legs spread and told him she is free all night long, first hour I get to watch. Oh f****** wow. This guy went for it, he f***** her like crazy. Then she was riding him looking at me, he choked her a bit at one point, spanking her, she was gagging. It was unreal. After an hour, she made me leave. I got home and wanked like mad all night. The next morning she got in, she said she hadn't slept and her p**** was so sore. She couldn't work for a week and even refused to Let me f*** her. She keeps a pic of his d*** on her phone to tease me with.

  • Your Girlfriend was the worst h***** I ever paid for and I want my money back .

  • Wait ..... do you think you know her?

  • You should become her p***.

  • She's beyond saving. Every dude thinks he can save a s***, but in reality you can't. She's going to keep wearing her panties around her ankles no matter what you do.

  • Very true

  • Don't let her past adversely impact what the two of you can have in the future. People can change. It happens every day. My suggestion is, now that she's home, date for a while and see how she takes to a "normal" life and then make your decision about marrying her. For now? Just love her.

  • ^Agreed^. True love -- or even the possibility of it -- should never be discounted or dismissed. Give love a chance. I'm not saying you should rush out and marry her, but simply don't eliminate that possibility just yet. Best wishes, my friend.

  • Marriage is hard enough on its own without the complication of a wife who has worked the s** trades. Find somebody more like you and less like a felon.

  • You are, I'm afraid, allowing yourself to confuse l*** and love. It has happened to every man who has ever lived. But please just remember, before you marry this woman, that those two words aren't synonymous. Talk to a marriage counselor (on your own) BEFORE committing to her. Talk to your pastor/priest. If you marry her on the basis of how good she can make your d*** feel, you will regret it. Trust me: I know.

  • Whores make bad wives. Let her go and be thankful you did.

  • Sorry to say but ^this^ is right: hookers and marriage don't go together. She'll hurt you and she might even do it on purpose.

  • Given the circumstances she was previously involved with I would say no.
    You may inherit more than you bargain for. Trust me the way you described her sexual experiences will haunt you forever.
    Let her be and move on. She sounds like a huge liability

  • It's a lot easier to "get out" of the h***** life than it is to "get out" of the drug life. Make sure she's not a user, because if she's an addict, the need to score will surely drive her back to giving up the p**** for money.

  • Saving some was right thing to do marrying just for the sake if s** is not a good idea..i often go to whores some of them were pretty awesome just like her. Just have more n more s** with her u will understand

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