I didn't learn my lesson disrespectful fools i dream about

Cousin gregory leland moore jr had have dream about being young teenager getting heavy footed hard deep kick in bottom of my n****** by my first cousin latoya phelps my cousin shady michelle phelps beautiful wide soles with socks without socks believe that



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  • A pity confessionpost cant post earlier and delete crap faster. It could be a great way for us social idiots to blow off steam

  • Look up slow in the encyclopedia it not same as retarded the dictionary was is lying you stupid

  • Confession Post's favorite ret@rd is back :DDDD

  • My IQ test encyclopedia was is mental physical evidence i'm not retarded i'm slow look up the definition stupid

  • Thats how stupid you was is retards not favorite to nobody enemies family people or associates understand learn something believe that

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