Curious to see if confessing helps me

I had s** with my first cousin and I'm married so this confession comes with alot of regret. First to God and to myself. Where I thought I was in control of my actions, I wasn't and I'm so sorry. I have since created so much distance between my cousin and I and have clearly told them that what happened was a mistake and can't happen again.

Jan 21, 2020

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  • I think this was written by a young woman who spent the night at grandma’s house and let a younger h**** boy learn about the birds and the bees.
    It might not happen with her cousin again, but she has a taste for young c*** now and she’ll look for other opportunities to satisfy the l***

  • Nothing wrong with family s**.

  • No bother, I went down on my cousin when we were both young and didn't know what we were doing.
    No awkwardness between us now

  • Don't kid yourself. Not only can it happen again. It absolutely Will happen again. Over and over. The taboo nature of it - and the thrill of the risks - will make it irresistible to both of you. You'll soon be s******* like filthy rats. Enjoy!

  • Some questions before you decide to repent! How old was she? If 18+ or older, did you two f***** willingly being attracted to each other? The point is that if it is consensual (both had consented to the act), it is ok. There is nothing wrong on consensual s** between adults.

  • Yes. This^ is totally correct!

  • The only thing that is wrong is you cheating.

  • Of course it took two people to have this sexual experience. So don't beat yourself up too much over it. Sounds like you have communicated that it will not happen again and made the best amends you can in the situation. Ultimately you apologized, even to God and yourself, so move forward and don't let the regret overwhelm you. Consider yourself older and wiser.

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