Asian woman

I love asian girls. (31m). They are so diminutive, petit, obedient and h**** as h***. So full of love. I had a fling with
one of them for a weekend in Europe in 2018 (I live here,but not European). Little s** machine. Had non stop s** from Friday till Sunday noon. Still not enough.

Met many of them online and had ton of the online s** thingy. It’s like pool of insatiable little s** kittens. Irrespective of the age, they wanna play non stop. Again and again. Such a girlfriend hot wife material.
But why so.? Any particular reason? Any one out there with similar experiences.?

I wonder if I ever fly out there. I hope I do

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  • You love Asian women , that’s not cool , most Asian gals are extremely racist . Get a Russian Girlfriend, Russian women are hotter and more better in bed , leave those Asian gals out of your life cause they are not worth your time trying to get their attention, because it can’t work . Unless you’re a Asian man yourself , get a European woman or a Russian woman or a black African Queen .

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