My bosses mother

My boss sent me to his mother's house to do some repairs. While I was there she came over to me to watch me working. She dropped something on the floor and bent over to pick it up and her night gown was loose and I was able to see her big saggy b**** hanging down and swaying back and forth. She has really big dark areolas with long nipples and for some reason it really turned me on so much. She was 84 years old at the time and I was 22 years old. All I could think about was how much I wanted to suck on her saggy b****. She went back upstairs and I went back to work but all I could think about was how much I wanted to suck on her nipples. It was almost 5pm and I went upstairs to say goodbye just as she was walking out of the bathroom pulling her night gown down over her head. Her arms were raised up which gave me the perfect view of her saggy b**** hanging down and her gray pubic hair. That's when I knew I was going have s** with her. Two nights later I was drunk and driving past her house and thought I would go see if she was awake. I looked through the windows and saw her in the bathroom sitting on the toilet. The kitchen window was open and I climbed into the kitchen and waited in the dark living room. Ae she walked past me I grabbed her from behind and pulled her to the floor. I pulled her night gown up over her head so she couldn't see me. Then I pushed my head between her legs and started to eat her p****. She was fighting me but as soon as I was sucking on her c*** and L**** lips she stopped fighting me and moaned softly and pushed her hips up into my face really hard. Before long she was soaking wet and my face was dripping from her juices. I turned around to suck on her nipples and while I was doing it I opened up my pants and easily slipped inside of her v***** she was so wet. She grunted and then she forced her hips up into mine. She was now bucking under me matching my thrusts deep inside of her v*****. I really couldn't believe how tight and wet she was. Within a few minutes I started to c** deep inside of her and as I was c****** she dug her nails into my back and rapped her legs around me and she started to have an o*****. She never said anything to me and I told her don't tell anyone about this or I'll be back and you will not like what I do to you. Her husband had died over 30 years before so I'm sure she hadn't had s** in all that time. She never said anything to anyone about it and I think she wanted me to come back and have s** with her again

Oct 5, 2019

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  • TL;DR. Could smell the bullshit by the time I reached the end of the fourth line.

  • Great story. Except for climbing in the window. I would rather hear she was consensual

  • The level of desperation on this one is a ten.
    Seriously...there is nothing sexy about an 84 yr old set of ti-ts. And...IF I Believed even a little bit of this story, I would say you need help man, like seriously...
    What if she had a stroke and died with your load in her and they got your DNA and found your finger prints all over the house!?
    Part of me wishes that would have been part of this story.

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