My younger sister likes torturing her stomach so badly.

I have been watching my younger sister torturing her own stomach in many ways since she was little. She would always wear a very tight thing around her stomach all the time. She just don't feel it right if she don't get to wear tight things around her stomach... In her school days she used to wear her belt really tight. And when her classmates sees her in that way then they are like "wow your belt is so tight!! Don't you feel pain?" then she would reply "I like wearing belt very tight. The tighter it is, the more I like it"... She would always tighten her belt in her to school and only loosen it when she reach home. She never wants her parents to know that she's been doing things with her stomach.. She told me not to tell them about it too.. She only likes sharing things with me because I'm her beloved brother and help her a lot.. After coming home she would search for a long sash cord and tie it around her stomach round and round pulling it very tightly with her full energy. She will keep doing till she reach the end. Sometimes she would ask me to help her doing it. And everyday I tried to pull it around her stomach round and round with my full energy that I wait for her to say "wait that's enough!! I want no tighter"... But that would never happen.. She would always say "wow brother!! I like the way you do it. I wished the cord was more longer".. And I'm like "what the heck!!".. Then I look at her and see how extremely tight the cord is.. Pushing deep into her stomach.. Her upper and lower part of the stomach would bulge out so much... Well during that time it would be a good exercise for me cuz my arms would become more stronger day by day... She would hide it inside her T-shirt so that no one notices what is she's wearing.. She would go out, do many things and study with it.. She would say that it gives her really nice feeling.. And guess what?? She would even eat while having that extremely tight thing around her stomach.. She finds no problem and even stuff her stomach to full.. I used to notice her stomach bulging out of the top of the cord while she eats.. We have lunch together with our parents but they never notices that thing.. Only I notice cuz only I know what she use to do... She would eat comfortably like she's fine with it.. It always makes me think how could even eat while having that extremely tight thing around her stomach... Sometimes she would lean over bars or top rail of the chair to increase the pressure on her stomach... She would remain like that for hours.. And sometimes even after eating she would do it.. It really makes me worried sometimes cuz its a torture to her stomach.. I hope nothing happens to in her future.. She's 18 now and keeps on doing it like always.. Do you I should let her keep doing it? Cuz she always said it gave her nice feeling instead of pain..

Oct 6, 2019

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  • Don't worry too much about health issues. Not too bad. Psychologically, not very serious. May be a control thing, akin to dietary kinks.

  • That's some f'd up sheet.
    Where does one find a 'sash cord'
    And who, in their head thinks to themself
    I will get a good work out and build up my muscles helping my sister do messed up things to herself!!?? Like don't know that her abdominal area is full off organs which could potentially be damaged.
    You are both STUPID. Seek help

  • No I will not. I will camp out on this site and repost my stupid fetish instead of having a life because my parents were siblings. I make honking noises instead of talking and I have three nostrils.

  • SHUT UP, S****!!!!!!

  • Lol. Can't handle it when you get called on your stupidity, can you?

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