Caught in the act

So I’m a 27 year old guy who has a fetish for cross dressing. For the past 6 months I’ve been going to this adult theater with a bunch of video booths, glory holes couches and private rooms. I dress up there with 1 other CD I know and we just cruise around the place. This past Friday I was there all dressed with a chastity cage and a plug in my hole. I’m sitting on one of the couches talking to a girl who works there and 3 guys come up and ask me to the private room with a s** swing. I gladly accepted and got up and went with them. Go in the room and there’s 5 other men 2 had their wives or girlfriend who wanted to watch. 8 guys total and they were all h**** jerking themselves and grabbing me and I was grabbing their junk. I dropped to my knees and started blowing them and jerking 2 off. They stand me up and undress me to my stockings and lace top. They lay me into the swing and get me strapped up and ready. My mouth is getting pounded between 4 guys switching 2 guys in my hands and two getting my hole ready. One guy goes right into me deep and starts pounding my hole. The 2 girls walk over to us with their phones recording. One guy put some poppers up to my nose every few minutes. This was a dream come true for me. After about 45 minutes In the swing I was back on my knees surrounded by all of them waiting for their loads. As they start exploding on my face and mouth the door pops open and two women scream not expecting to see a cross dresser covered in c** with 2 c**** in her mouth.


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  • I have never seen a place like that, with couches and private s** rooms. This is a private club? Surely this place isn't open to the public, is it?

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