My belly gurgling confession

On a teenage girl with a fetish. I love hearing belly gurgles. I’ll admit it turns me on and I get really h****. I listen to my friends belly all the time and I get extremely turned on. She knows it to. I also have a secret masturbation called syntribation. Basically crossing my legs and squeezing my thighs, I can have an o***** and I do it every time I’m listening to my friends noisy stomach. I even do it in public sometimes lol. But belly gurgles just turn me on. I’m an open person but I hate creeps. I need another belly buddy male or female I don’t care I just wanna listen to their stomach gurgle in my ear.i have an Instagram if anyone wants to talk. It’s bellygurgle_lover I’m quite popular. If belly gurgles turn you on hit me up or if any ladies also wanna talk about syntribation hit me up.


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  • Seriously if you don’t believe me go to my Instagram bellygurgle_lover and I’ll confirm it’s me

  • A sure sign of mental deficiency is posting the same comment again and again. No, we won't indulge your fetish or your need for attention. Get over it!

  • I’m not looking for attention I just hate someone who doesn’t know me saying I’m a f****** man. My account is proof and I’m asking is to not be judge and for someone who doesn’t know me to assume something about me!!!!!

  • You are not a teenage girl. You are that Indian weirdo who posts five times in a row about belly stuff, sometimes pretending to be a girl or a first timer. The briefest glance around this site shows your life's work (SO PATHETIC) of belly posts, so here's a free protip for you, Saheed: saying "Is this weird? Am I the only one?" is seriously lame, even when you do it only occasionally.

  • Stupid f*****

  • How about you go to my Instagram bellygurgle_lover and I’ll confirm it’s me

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