I am so lonely!!!! i play like i don't need a man but deep inside i want one more than anything in the world right now. I'm not ugly i just have very bad luck with guys. The thing is I’m black and I am attracted to white guys. I mean I wouldn’t mind dating a black guy but I only attract the perverts or the really old ugly guys.. Idk what’s wrong with me. Maybe I should just become a lesbian. I’m so sick of being alone. I want to cater to a man, give him all of me, and make his every wish come true. I want the chance to show a guy how happy I can make him. I don’t want to settle because I know I deserve better than the ugly perverts that try to take my virginity. Sometimes I feel like I just want to settle for just anyone but then again I know I deserve a good man. I hope I find my true love soon I don’t want to be single anymore. I’m sick of being alone…… sigh.


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  • OMG !!!!!!!!! i am in the EXACT same boat as you. i know exactly how you feel be strong your time will come

  • Your loneliness and despair is as temporary or permanent as you choose it make it. Be a good person. Open yourself to the possibility of love without putting up a shield against the hurt of rejection. Allow yourself to be the kind of person the men you seek desire.

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