Brother impregnated me many times

I'm 44 years old and my brother James 60. He basically raised me as our parents were both lawyers and cared more for work than us. The summer I was 8 they both died on vacation in a boating accident. James was 24. And we were now rich and set for life, from our parents money and life insurance.

We retreated from the world that summer and within weeks became sexual. On his 25th birthday, I gave my virginity to James.

After that we were making love all the time when together. My body matured early. I think from all the s** and c******. By 13, I was 5' 5" and had 36C b****. I also looked at least 18.

On night, I said James I love you, I'm so happy being with you. I feel like your wife, so make me pregnant. I don't want to use condoms anymore.

He said no. But after a week he gave in and we started have unprotected s**. On my 14th birthday I told James I was pregnant. He kissed for a while and said, I love you Kelly so much. You are the perfect wife. We had our first child Sally on New Years Day.

In the next 30 years James has impregnated me 15 more times. We have had 9 kids and unfortunately 6 miscarriaged.

When we f*** the knowledge that my brother is going to make me pregnant makes me have multiple o******.

Once I get pregnant our s** life get even more incredible.

We are like animals in bed, I let him do and want him to do every disgusting, degrading and sick thing he wanted and can think of. The sicker the s** act the harder I c**.

For the last 3 months be have been f****** like crazy, i want to get knocked up again.

I love being pregnant from my brother!


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  • All I know is that nothing made me hornier than when me and sis would fool around usually right in front of our mother who turned a blind eye. We kept f****** throughout high school. Even after my girlfriend of four years caught us in the act. She blabbed it to everyone and came off as a jealous petty liar.

  • Interesting. You say you are rich and yet this is what you do? Don't get me wrong, age is pretty much a number and I'm sure s** at even 9 is fine if you are mature, but I must admit I doubted the story by the way you recite it. It sounds as though you are reading off a middle schoolers sexual fantasies he'd written in his journal (perhaps in this case, this child is from Alabama)

  • .....all you people are sick....sickfucks.............

  • I'm not sick. I just think incest is totally acceptable between adults. What's sick about that?

  • It's understandable why you and your brother became lovers but s** should only happen between adults. Your brother should of waited until you were at least 16.

  • I started have my period at 8, that's why we used condoms. Also at 8 I was 5 feet tall and had nice little b**** an A cup. I easily passed for a girl 15.

    James had no chance at resisting me I was always touching him and walking around naked.

    I wanted s**, my body craved it. My body has always reacted quickly to sexual stimulation. Just from kissing James from the first time, I get soaking wet. I started to have squirting o****** at 9.

  • 5ft tall with b****** at 8. Omg really

  • The way it should be taking your brothers c**

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