Panty Sniffer

My sister, sister-in-law, and I used to live together in a two story house. They had a bathroom all to their selves downstairs next to their bedroom. Well they had a laundry hamper in the bathroom where they would discard their dirty clothes. I used to dig in their hamper and sneak my sis-in-law's panties to my room where I would suck and lick her dried pee, sweat, and discharge from the gusset. The taste and sent was intoxicating and I used to blow the biggest loads from them. I miss that cheating b****'s panties. Luckily now I have moved on to smell the panties of a girl my sis watches at our house. She isn't old enough yet to c** but the girl is so adorable and her panties smell so so sweet. I'm mouth watering at the thought.


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  • Since my adolescent age I am addicted to panties sniffing. Not only that, I used to lick and suck on the crotch area of used panties. I would even chew on some when too h****. Now in my 60s, I would wear a pair of panties over my head so that the crotch is aligned to my nose, and with another pair I would hold my hard c*** to w***. So far I have collected 50+ used panties.

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