Just made it to the mother in-laws houses

Like I said the other day I just went to the bathroom and her dirty clothes hamper is right next to it and on top again i slipped them out and in the bathroom and then I locked the bathroom door and sniffed the smell of her p**** and then I thought I'm going to taste them so I did and it was like heaven greatest taste ever after they were wet with saliva I proceed to stick them around my c*** and j*** off till I c** in them and put them back on top hope she comes home and does laundry

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  • I did it again today and will do it again tomorrow and infact every time I'm at her house I'll do it and hope she can see my c** stains in them when she does laundry

  • I have sniffed and licked my mother-in-law's panties several times over the years moisten the crotch of her panties rub them on my c*** so when my gives me head she would be having a taste of her mother didn't know

  • I did it again about an hour ago

  • I use my nieces

  • I want to f*** my neice when she stays the night she sleeps with me and my wife mmm

  • I would love to try this out

  • We all know you said it the other day OVER and OVER again. STFU !

  • My stepdaughter is staying with us for a while because her and her man broke up. The other day I noticed her thong panties sitting in the hamper. It got me so h**** just seeing them that I quickly locked the door and started to sniff them. Oh the sweet smell of her p**** almost made me shoot my load right then and there. I quickly put them on my head and picked up her bra using it to cup my b**** with one hand and stroked myself with the other. I e********* so hard I shot c** all the way across the bathroom. F*** her p**** smells amazing. I would love to f*** her. Time to turn up the charm.

  • I would do exactly the same thing!!!
    Hadn't thought about using the bra,so will try that👍

  • I used her bra yesterday and she is in the shower now so I'll have a fresh dirty pair to c** in

  • I'm going to try that also

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