My Doting Grandmother Part 1

I have kept this a secret for a long time, and now I want to tell someone.

1973 was the year that changed my life in more ways than one; My parents had split in March after Dad caught Mom with another guy up her ass, then she moved us about 4 hours away. And my Grandmother moved in with us so she could help Mom with the bills, and it was Grams who would make my life so much better.

The house we rented had a utility room that had been built next to the bathroom where I discovered a hole in the wall next to a poorly installed furnace vent about 4 feet off the floor. From this window I could see the bathtub and I often jerked off while I watched my Grandmother bathe. I thought she had the most beautiful t*** in the world, even though they weren't as big as my mother's. Mom usually bathed during the day while I was at school so I rarely got to watch her but I was hoping that would change now that school was out. As for Grams, I was enjoying the summer, but the real part of the show was when she'd dry herself off because not only did I get to see her bush, I got to watch her rub it when she dried it, and I soon started to take notice of her ass. She was 56 years old, 5 feet eight inches, and her skin was still smooth which made her t*** and ass that much more beautiful. The summer was going great, I stroked to the show 2, sometimes 3 times a week, and also to Mom 2 or 3 times a month. Then things got better near the end of July.

One Wednesday after dinner Mom went to do some shopping and took my younger brother and sister and when Grams said she was going to shower I waited a couple minutes then headed for my front-row seat. Just as I looked through the hole my grandmother stepped out from behind the water heater and said, "So that's where you go when we have a bath".

To my surprise, I felt no shame, guilt,embarrassment, but instead found being caught added to my excitement. She told me to follow her and she led me to the bathroom then made me stand next to the tub while she undressed. My c*** was throbbing at the sight of her blouse being the first piece of clothing removed, followed by her skirt, then she stepped before me, paused and asked if I'd like to take her bra off. "Oh yeah....I'd love too."
She turned her back to me and with a kick glance I spotted hooks and though I'd never removed a bra, it was easy to figure out how to undo it, and soon as I did she turned to face me and let it fall to the floor. My c*** was trying to force it's way through my shorts as I stared at her big t***. She slapped my hand when I reached for one, then turned and slowly bent over as she pulled her panties to the floor now revealing the ass I'd started to admire just recently.

"Now you be a good boy and stand right there and watch." She got into the tub slowly, sat down with her knees together, then watching my expression, she slowly parted her knees to reveal not only her thick bush but the wet pink slit within it. "Have you ever seen one of these?" With two fingers she spread the pink lips.

"Yes." I replied with a lump in my throat, remembering my mother's wet. open c*** when I'd get to watch her getting her ass f*****. When she pushed her t*** together I thought my c*** was going to explode. "What's that in your shorts?" The bulge was stretching the cotton material.

"That's my c*** Grams." I said it like I was telling her something she didn't already know. "Would you like to see it?"

"Yes, you bet I want to see it" Grams was now working up a lather over her t*** and arms and when I released my c*** her jaw dropped then she laid back in the tub. I stepped closer so she could get a better look at my stiff shaft, just short of 7 inches, almost 9 inches around and with pulsing veins going in every direction. "Why don't you show your grandmother what you do with that while you're watch me bathe."

I took it in my hand and began stroking it's full-length. Even at my young age I could see the hunger in her eyes as she stared at my c*** while she lazily rinsed the soap from her beautiful body. "Grams, can I c** on your t***?" She once told me, 'you won't know if you don't ask'. Without saying a word she got up on her knees and leaned toward me, with her luscious t*** in her hands, and now the look on her face was one of excited l***. I had been practising target-shooting my c** whenever I got the chance and was pretty good, and, I even learned to control the release of my j*** and now I had an idea. "Ready?" When she nodded I let the first wad go, hitting her in the eye then down her face to her mouth. "Oops!" I feigned my mistake, noticing that she was licking it into her mouth, then spayed each t** and before I could shoot again she grabbed hold of it and sucked it into her mouth. I put a hand on the back of her head and slowly f***** her warm mouth. A couple minutes later I had a hand on each side of her head and I was pumping the remainder of my c** into her mouth, which she eagerly swallowed.

I helped her to her feet and in her eyes I now saw the hunger again. "Would you get that towel and dry me off?". Taking extra time on her t*** and "accidentally" dropping the towel allowing me to touch her slimy p**** was bringing my c*** back to life. Dried sufficiently, Grams headed to her bedroom, and I followed with my c*** once again throbbing and ready for action.

When Grams turned and sat down she looked straight at my throbbing c***. She asked what I was going to do with that and I said, simply, "I'm going to f*** you." Grams slowly moved to the center of the bed and laid back. "You are so beautiful." I moved between her legs and even though I was about to shove my c*** into a woman for the first time I knew where it was going. Grams gasped when my c*** stretched her open, then grunted when I slammed deep into her and started pounding her like a jack-hammer.

She wrapped her legs around me and told me "easy there cowboy, slow down." I had my c*** in a real c*** and I was going to do it my way and I continued pounding her. My rhythm was soon joined by her t*** and as I reeled in pleasure like I'd never before known, Grams was starting to gasp. She had her eyes closed and was biting her bottom lip and I noticed she was starting to shake, and as I continued pounding her I asked "You okay Grams?". I wasn't going to stop if I didn't have to. She looked at me like she was going to cry and nodded her head quickly with a "Umh-humh!" Lowering myself to my elbows I took a t** in each hand and when I squeezed them, Grams arched her back, wrapped her arms tightly around me and dug her heels into the back of my legs. She let out a soft, long growl as I kept right on pummelling her. "OH! OH! OH!" Grams was now shaking uncontrollably beneath me and I could feel her c*** squeezing and quivering on my c*** and she was making strange noises that told me how much she was enjoying the pounding her c*** was getting.

I figured out that Grams was having an o*****, much more intense than any I'd ever seen my mother have, either with a c*** or with her fingers and I could feel my groin start to tingle. "Oh Grams! Your c*** is awesome!" She kicked her legs out and started to grind her c*** on my thrusting c***. "I'm gonna c** deep in your c*** Grams!" And with 4 thrusts into her I emptied my load then held myself deep in her savouring the spasms and quivers in her awesome c***.

After a few minutes for both of us to catch our breath I got up from the bed and told Grams that we were going to do that a lot more. She said it was okay with her.


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  • My gran has been letting me take her anytime I want since I was 13. She's a 72-year-old widow, and needs a lot of stuffing. My best friend is 14, and his grandmother spreads her legs for him whenever he shows her his stiff weapon. She likes nothing better than having it in her mouth, and sucking it until he comes down her throat. My gran often begs me to put my rod up her, and fill her with my thick, warm juice.

  • Hot as f***

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