Bad foot

Last year we went to maspolomas with family and our daughter,third day in me and the wife planned to go to the beach,no one wanted to come, so off we went arrived at beach stepped on to sand and twisted my ankle ,the pain was horrendous so told the wife go on I'll see you in the dunes later ,off she went I found a shop got some pain killers and took them with my water then very slowly set off for the dunes ,it was fenced off but I could see that people where still going in so I went in so now it's over an hour since I last saw the wife,there were sunbathing singles , couples,and a lot of men on there own,I hobbled on saw a crowd of mostly men looking at something,so made my way over to them,it was a mature couple f****** and sucking each other ,there at the front of the crowd was my wife watching the action,a guy had his hand on her ass fingering her c*** I watched her not the couple she opened her legs so he could get to her ass and c*** eaiser,I know she didn't see me but I saw her ,then her hand went behind her and she started to w*** this guy not looking round at him just wanking and watching the couple f***, he then pressed pressed his c*** to her opening between her legs rubbing the tip of his c*** against her c***,she didn't move, apart from pressing back on his c*** trying to get it in her hole, a few guys noticed what was going on and put her hands on there c**** and she wanked them she was really going to town on them c**** now and they were all near to c****** they grabbed her t*** ,fingered her even thou the guy behind had is c*** in her c*** by now then they all seemed to c** together I watched the s**** shoot out of the c**** in her hands don't know if the other one c** in her but the show was nearly over people moving away and I hobbled off behind a dune with a raging h****** thought I'd let her sort her self out before appearing .more to c** if your comment.

Jan 30, 2020

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  • Would love to hear what happened next

  • Your wife sounds like a fantastic lady, I would like to talk with her! make this heppen and we can make this happen again

  • Ok I'll write it very soon .

  • Would love to hear what else happened

  • Would love to hear more!!!

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