My Wife With Another Guy

I have always had the fantasy of letting another guy F*** my wife, it’s always been a huge turn on for me, well my wife has always been good friends with this one guy. So one day I started talking to her about it how we should just try it to see what it’s like and so finally she said yes that she wants to and so one day she went to the store bought some condoms and went over to his house Where she proceeded to let him f*** her, I wasn’t there but she explained it to me in extreme detail. Now that it happened I don’t regret letting her do it one bit, it was one of the hottest things we have ever done.

Oct 17, 2019

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  • Just wearing something sexy can be a huge turn on for a wife and her husband.

  • Nothing much hotter than having a wife with other men!!!

  • Monogamy is a myth. An Open Marriage is better than cheating. In my case, my wife had an affair with her co-worker. When I found out, instead of being upset, I was oddly aroused. We went to a Family Counselor and learned, 1) my short, chubby, but buxom wife has low self-esteem and craves validation from men and, 2) I have a Cuckold Fetish.
    So my wife broke off her affair and now, about once a month, we go to a pick-up bar in a nearby town where she flirts, drinks and dances with strange men until one or two take her out. When she returns home, she lets me taste their Cream Pie to prove she had bare-skin coitus. Then she tells me what they did with her while I have great Sloppy Seconds (or thirds).
    My wife feels validated and satisfied by our new hobby, and I am more in love with her than ever before. It's a classic win-win solution to basic human needs.

  • You will regret this.She starts enjoying him and a queue will form outdide his house.You have created a highway for her to be debaucherous.I foresee her and the hordes of her lovers humiliating you.Always leave fantasies alone.

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