I'm insane loner

I'm 16 year old in high school and i'm facing mental problem slowly coming closer and closer to breaking. Some backstory I was a big d*** child in middle school bullinga girl into tears, making fun scucidal boy, etc. As the year grew by I became more racist towards black people(I'm black myself) and started making racial slur starting in 8th grade. I also makes threats at home of harming people(that's as far as I can go), harming myself, live in another world talking to myself. As of right now, I have no friends and having low self-estem waiting to find a new hope in life. Thank you for taking your time to read.

Oct 17, 2019

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  • You know you have done wrong so now you can change. It's in your hands to get help if you need it and get your life back on track, you just need a plan. Make one improvement no matter how small and build on that, before you know it all the small changes add up and you can be whoever you want to be

  • I you tell yourself everyday that you are happy or more confident you will become so. The brain memorises this behaviour even if it knows that it is only a placebo. Do this for 1 month. You can solve with this trick a lot

  • F*** n******

  • F*** racists.

  • Cant feel sorry for ya mate, follow the voices' directions and end your suffering

  • Lol subtle. But yes OP, follow the light

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