Not sure what to do with life anymore

I feel like the best parts of my life are over and that I have nothing to look forward to anymore. I'm in my 40s and I'm not suicidal and have no thoughts of harming myself in any way but I'm bored with life. I don't enjoy anything anymore and my old friends, who used to like to hang out with me, don't want to hang out anymore; honestly, I'm not even sad about's just a matter-of-fact.

I want my wife to divorce me so that she can find happiness with someone who is social and can make her happy because I don't make her happy anymore. I bring her down. I would just want her to wait until our son is out of high school, which will be three more years.

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  • Snap out of it man. Try smoking some good s*** and drinking some smooth Irish whisky. Start living man. Get yourself some other woman on the side to spice your life up. But stop talking like a poor me slob. Now go get some weed and toke up man. Then find that hot sexy woman to get in bed with. Trust me this will work.

  • It will all be over soon enough. Don't think too much. Don't ruminate. Try something alternative. You don't have to live in the box that society created. Stay away from your wife for awhile. Go to the gym. Get out of the house. Stay away from sugar. Do things you've never done before, even if it is just a little thing like shopping at a different grocery store. You'll be surprised at how the dopamine floods your noggin just by going somewhere you've never been before. Since life is short anyway, just enjoy the little things. Perhaps soon you'll have a grandchild and find new love in that. OR maybe you're wife will divorce you and you'll be thrilled to date again. It aint over 'till it's over.

  • There's actually a lot to look forward to, but you have to be proactive and seek it out. It's tough, you're at the crossroads of feeling numb and stuck. It really sounds like you are depressed. Do yourself a favor and go and speak with a therapist. If you are not exercising - go do something. Better yet, grab your wife and do something with her. And for a change of scenery - Go plan a trip with you and your wife and reconnect. Also reach out to your buddies again...your support system is crucial right now. Let them know how you're feeling. You are not alone in how you are feeling. But don't stew in it, your life will pass you by. Do something and keep doing something.

  • Or, and I realize this is a really out-there thought... YOU could start the divorce process right now. Sometimes it takes a while, and you can serve the other person with papers pretty much whenever. Sorry your life hasn't gone the way you wanted it to, but if you're so much of a jellyfish that you're passively waiting for her to do what you want her to do, that's beyond pathetic.

  • I am the same with 31 years. Standalone with my fears problems no one to talk with walk with everyday the same feeling of disappointment that another day i have to live...but u have me i have...i am sorry but i also a male living a cursed life

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