Talk about frustration

I hate that a lot of men seem to only see foreplay as touching your b**** a bit and shoving their b**** in your hand. Where's the passion, the excitement? I want to roleplay, or at least talk for crying out loud. S** is so boring and dry when there's no real pre game.

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  • This is the difference between BOYS and MEN.

    BOYS can't wait to smash and don't care about anything else. Girls are seen as nothing more than a life support system for a wet hole-- but they still have to be model perfect anyway, even though the boy can be as gross as he likes. Boys are the majority of males-- oh, excuse me, p3nis-havers or whatever the PC term of the moment is-- on this site. The ones who are capable of getting within sniffing distance of a living girl one way or another, anyway.

    MEN see the one they're with as a partner, and (you might want to sit down for this) one who has feelings and a capacity for pleasure. They enjoy the entire meal, not just dessert-- and they do it appropriately, not smacking loudly and belching all over the place.

    Ya feel me, dawg?

  • You just haven't had the right guy

  • The right guy gives as much of a crap about his partner's pleasure as he does about getting his stick wet. Clearly OP has not met this unicorn of a man. So your statement is redundant and unnecessary.

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