I am being blackmailed.

Call it blackmail or extortion or whatever you want but my brother and his friend are blackmailing me and my best friend, My brother is 13 months younger than me and Jeremy, His friend is a month or so older than him.
Three weeks ago my best friend Jen and I were at another friends place and had a few drinks, My parents were out of town so me and her went back to my place, We went in through the basement entrance and I didn't even think my brother was home, Me and Jen were...Fooling around, Nothing super heavy just kissing and touching above the waist which we have done a couple times before but then Jen suggested we try more. I was feeling it so we got undressed, Got under the covers and had the lights out, We were just touching each other a bit under the covers and then started doing a bit more and then Jen got on top of me.
Neither of us heard my door open but all of a sudden my light came on and the covers got pulled off and my brother and his friend Jeremy were standing there with their phones and were taping us, We were screaming at them to get out and they just kept taping us as we tried to cover up. Finally I got up and pushed them out of my room and we got dressed, We went to the living room and told them to give us their phones but they wouldn't. Jeremy said "Ok, I'll delete it on one condition", I said "What?" and he said "Let us watch", I was like "F*ck no" and then they said if we didn't they would post it online.
There was no fricking way I was gonna do that since we had never even done it before anyway and I wasn't doing that with my brother watching, I told them that and my brother said "Ok, Here then, You do Jeremy and Jen does me".
Both me and Jen were like what the F and they were both saying "Yeah, Do that and we'll delete the videos", Jen was the one who was like "Uh, I guess we don't have a choice" so I agreed, We headed back to my room and I told my brother and Jen to go in his room but both him and Jeremy were like "F*ck that" and everyone came into my room. They pretty much made us strip down and get on the bed and my brother got on top of Jen, Jeremy on top of me and they started banging us. I had my hands over my face and Jeremy was doing me, I have a lot bigger b**** than Jen and I took my hands away and looked, Jeremy was grabbing Jen's b**** and my brother had his frickin hand on mine, I slapped his hand away and told Jeremy to hurry up.
My brother finished with Jen first and Jeremy just kept going, My brother told Jen to get on top of me so she got on her hands and knees over me, Jeremy had my legs up and started pulling out of me then doing Jen and back and forth while my brother watched and finally Jeremy finished.
We made them give us their phones and let us delete the videos so we could make sure they were gone and then kicked them out, Me and Jen went and stayed at her house but a week later I got out of the shower and my brother was standing in the bathroom, I said "Whoa, WTF dude, Get out". He pushed me up against the wall and and was grabbing my b**** and stuff and I told him to F off but he slid his b**** between my thighs as I tried to clamp them shut, I stood up on my tippie toes going "Hey...No" and standing on my tippie toes was a mistake because then his b**** pointed straight up and he just pushed forward and it went right in, I grabbed it and pulled it out of me and had to stand there holding my brothers b**** while he grabbed my b**** until I could squirm away.
I said "WTF is wrong with you, You just put your d*ck in me" and he said "Oh whatever, It's not the first time", I stopped and stared at him saying "Huh?", He said "When Jen was on top of you who did you think was in you when he was in Jen", I involuntarily gagged and puked in my mouth", I told him "Get the F out of here now" and he told me him and Jeremy had emailed the videos to each other before letting us delete them and if I didn't do it he would post it, I told him to go ahead because that was never happening and he finally convinced me to let him rub it between my b****, I did and he came on my neck and face.
Now him and Jeremy make me and Jen bang them and each other while they watch, Always in the same bed and keep making us do more and more different stuff, My brother makes me j*** him whenever he wants and they both bang Jen, They have recorded more stuff without permission but it just keeps making it worse because every time they get more and more stuff to blackmail us with, I have tried to hack his phone and email and everything but can't and Jen says she has to do it because it would destroy her life if anyone seen any of it.

May 23, 2019

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  • How old are you girls?

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