Today I swallowed 3/4 of a meter of string

Today I swallowed 3/4 of a meter of string. It felt wierd. When I was swallowing it I was gagging but then when I pulled it out... I could feel the string slide across my throat.

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  • Maybe you'll p*** a tiny sweater.

  • I did that to train my body not to gag when I gave a guy head. An older guy (he was 30) i was 12, was fooling around with me and he taught me. He said if i loved him i learn how to deep throat. He showed me a lot of p*** with young girls doing oral.

    In the end he left me but I got hooked on c*** and swallowing c**. Everyone thought I was this sweet and innocent 13 year girl. What they didn't know I was the biggest oral w**** there is. I give guys head for free the first time, then make them pay for more. $10 to blow and $20 to swallow.

    I'm 23 now and I have two guy at work I blow daily. I like them so I do it for free. They don't know about each other.

    I blow my next store neighbor he's 60 every night for $300 a week and my landlord several times a week and have not paid rent for 2 years.

    My mouth is my biggest source of income. And I get all the c** I want.

    Last month I took a week off from work, rented a motel room and blew and swallowed the c** of 200 men at $50 each. I made $10,000 doing something I love doing.

    I love c**.

  • ^ written by an incel ^ lol

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