Stepdaughter tease

My stepdaughter has been doing these things for years, she is 20 now but has been walking around in a g string and topless in front of me since she was 12. One time she sat on my lap in her g string and moved around for a while then when she got up she could see that I was hard, i covered up with a pillow, she said what's wrong? I said you know, she just smiled and walked away. I have played with myself while she was sleeping on the couch with her t*** hanging out. So so hot.

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  • Suck her t*** while you play with her p****

  • My wife and I are both okay with nudity. We've been to several clothing optional beaches in the past. We let our daugher wear whatever she want's around the house which was okay when she was younger. Only problem now is she's starting to develop and I hate to admit it but I keep getting b****'s around her. The other day she was doing yoga in the living room. I've been f****** my wife silly ever since my daughter turned 11. I think my wife knows why but I've never brought it up with her.

  • Forget wifey the daughters ready

  • Stepdad is fun f*** with. I know he want to do me he to chicken to make a move. Mom working this night, I walk in when he watched game. I was naked and I sit on seat next him. I stick my fingers in myself to get off. He stop watch game and start watch me. He is hard I can see it. I finish get up and go to bed.

  • Hey, I no chicken I b Rooster , let me show u me kcoc Oh YOB

  • Your such a bad girl, mmmmm

  • My stepdaughter was 18 when I met her mother. I have seen her naked so many times I lost track. One time I was watching TV and she came down the step totally naked. She looks at me and says "oh, I didn't know you were home", then proceeded on to the bathroom without trying to cover up. Another time I came home and walked into me and my wife's bedroom. There was my stepdaughter rubbing lotion on her body totally naked. Again she acted like it was no big deal and just kept rubbing lotion on herself. Another time I came home late and everyone was sleeping. My stepdaughter was sleeping on the couch totally naked with the blankets bunched up at her feet. She thinks nudity is no big deal and doesn't care if I see her naked. I have even seen nude pictures of her on her phone with her spread eagle. She asked me to back up her pictures and I saw them as I was checking out her pics.

  • That is so hot

  • Oh I forgot to tell you the best one. I woke up one morning to go to work, and the bathroom is right next to my bedroom. Normally because its 4AM when I get up, I just walk nude to the bathroom. Out my bedroom door and take an immediate right into the bathroom. So one morning I get up and walk out naked to my stepdaughter standing in the downstairs bathroom. She looked down at my d*** and says "wow, very nice. About time you show me what ya got." I just stepped back into the bedroom and put something on. A couple days later she asked if I would convince her mom to join this nudist community. She couldn't join alone because they only accepted couples or families. Her mom said h*** no.

  • Be honest with your wife so there's no misconceptions. Your step daughter is into nudity but not necessarily you & if she is those to needs to set those boundaries because by you posting your like what if like any guy would be.
    Till then be as into your wife whenever possible to reassure her who she is to you.

  • I have no intention on f****** my stepdaughter, but I have to admit I have masturbated many times while remembering her nude. One of my favorite memories of her nude was one morning when I went upstairs to my den. Her bedroom door was open and from the hallway I could see her bed. She was sleeping in the fetal position with her ass towards the door. She of course was nude and I could see her p**** lips. I stopped and looked for a few minutes wishing I had my phone to take a picture.

  • Ready and waiting for daddys d***

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