Mixed feelings.

It took so long to talk Doris into letting a guy f*** her while I watched and the night she finally said oh Christ I give up but you have to find the guy and for Christ sake at least pick a clean nice guy for me. then she just turned her back to me and went to sleep with all of this new information swimming around in my head.
Now I no longer was so sure this is what I wanted jealousy that she had actually agreed to let another guy f*** her rose its ugly head but it was mixed with the desire to watch it until the desire to watch overcame my jealousy and I was able to drift off to sleep .
When I woke up though my doubts came back in the light of day and for several days my conflicting thoughts predominant in everything I did but the desire to watch another man take her won out so I began a search for the right guy first on Craigs list then on dating sites until I talked to a guy that lived in Fairfield named Mike he was about 6 years younger than Doris but he looked good in his pictures and he and I talked over the phone a couple times and once we met in person so I could actually see for myself if he was presentable or not and I explained what I wanted and I let him know that she had grudgingly agreed .
He asked if he could c** in her and I said I don't see why not she is on birth control so we agreed and he would supply his apartment for the get together.
I went home and D was washing the dishes in the sink it had been almost a month since she had agreed and when I stepped up behind her and wrapped my arms around her she laughed and wiggled her ass back against me.
I whispered in her ear I found a guy for you and her body tensed up and she inhaled sharply then she slowly started to relax and she said I had hoped that you had changed your mind on that I really don't want to David sounding a little p***** but I cupped her b****** and started to gently maul them and she just stood there silently resisting me advances and I said you promised hon and she said I know but look at me I am not pretty or anything and what could a guy see in me.
Sherry is a very good looking woman 5 ft 1 inch tall 23 inch waist 34 B cup b****** that look almost to big for her small frame and broad child bearing hips with firm thigh and legs her only blemish is she has to wear glasses and she hates that looks kind of sexy with her big eyes.
Later in bed she became active so we had s** and afterwards she said OK when and I said I will call him today and we agreed on that coming Saturday and for the rest of the eek D was thoughtful and a little distant and she appeared to be a little p***** at me when we talked.
She reluctantly bathed and changed cloths Friday evening and was very distant with me and on the way over to his place she sat in the passenger seat nervously dry washing her hands acting like a sheep waiting to be slaughtered .
I hated myself for putting her through this but my god by now I was so excited that I couldn't back out and when I pulled up in front of his apartment Doris took my hand and said please I don't want to do this but I replied you promised so she exhaled with a resigned look on her face and she let me take her hand and help her out of the car.
I knocked on his door and he opened it and looked D over nd whistled softly and said you are beautiful as I introduced them and D said thank you her face was a bright red now as her hands continued to nervously twist together and she looked at him pleadingly and said this is all my husbands idea not mine and he said but you agreed didn't you and she ducked her head and said yes but I thought he would change his mind then Mike said but you did agree and her shoulders slumped in resignation and she said yes I did so what next and he said would you undress in front of me and she glanced at me with daggers and she started to unbutton her blouse defiantly then her bra and she unzipped her skirt and pushed it over her hips kicking off her shoes at the same time and she was turned to face him but she was looking at me as though to say there I did it.
Mike wasted no time he grabbed hands full of het tts andtried to kiss her but she turned her head resisting it then she let him pull her into his bedroom and help her up onto the bed and Dorid laid there as stff as a board gritting her teeth as Mike undressed and I could see that his c*** was hard and it was bigger than my 6 1/2 inches maybe even 8 inches but D ignored it staring at me coldly and Mike got up onto the bed beside her twisting her nipples and trying to get his finger into her .
I said she likes oral s** and he quickly positioned himself at the foot of the bed and D started to resist when he began to pull her legs apart then she slowly relaxed and let him lift her legs over his shoulders and then she sharply inhaled as his tongue parted her p**** lips .
Again though she resisteh her body tense staring at the ceiling but Mike was to npatient to wait long and he soon moved up above her forcing her legs farther apart until I could see his c*** just inches away from her entrance then he took his c*** moving t around until he found her wet p**** and with one thrust he was inside of her god this was fantastic the best p*** I had ever watched has Mike began to mindlessly thrust into her as Doris tried to ignore it her fingers tightly gripped into fists as he thrust himself into her like a machine his head buried in the pillow next to her head and then I noticed her body start to respond to him slowly at first her feet were placed on the bed and her ass began to thrust upward meeting his thrusts then her armd rose and wrapped around his back her b****** were mashed flat against his chest now and she began to grunt sosftlyand she moaned softly I knew that she was enjoying this then Mike moved above her and he kissed her and Doris opened her mouth and began to kiss him back and for the first time I felt jelous watching him f*** her didn't bother me but to se her responding to hin this way twisted my insides into knots and I watched shocked ans first Doris had her o***** tha then Mike cried out n release as they kissedgrunting like annimals,
I sat there breathing as har as they were trying to make sence out of what had happened my wife had orgasmed with anther guy but wasent that a good thing she dexerved to enjoy it to boy I was still tying to make sence out of it until I realized thet rhey were still locked together whispering it had been a while that I had been distracted and I guess he was getting hard again so I began to breath normally agin as they f***** a second time and Mike took Long to c** that Doris was able to get off twice and she no longer pretended to resent being used this way.
That happened several weeks ago and I still m trying to figure out what my feelings about it are but inside I want to see it happen again with another guy.

Oct 21, 2019

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  • Long stories are always bullschitt, and you cannot spell worth beans

  • That was great. Hope you licked the c** out of her p****

  • That was hot. Love seeing my wife men.

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