Can't stop beating

I am 17 year old male, a virgin, and m********* almost every night. I would like tips to spice up my sessions, so it wont be the same all the time. I am finding the normal method more boring, and want to make things interesting for myself. (To clear up any future mishaps, I'm straight)

Oct 21, 2019

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  • I was 17 too , a miserable age , the last thing I remember was me going in a shelter for women with my mom . The only thing was my girlfriend was really and truly at the women’s shelter with me and since I was feeling down and sad , so me and her decided to go upstairs to go to my room and we took off all our cloths and we had kissing and we kissed for a long period of time . We never did it though because it was a women’s shelter and me and her kissed for what seemed like forever . I could not have s** with because We did not wanna mess up the sheets .

  • That’s the dumbest fuc King thing I have ever read!!! You went to a shelter with your mom cuz she used to get beat by your dad probably for being a dumb who re. Get a fuc king life

  • This is a massive waste of energy and it gets many men spend their lives jerking off...its pathetic......real p**** is the best...i have stopped jerking off .males are retarded...they think they are "living it up" and enjoying themselves by jerking reality its pathetic.......and shameful ......all these girls and yet most guys are is not fair

  • Or, hear me out, it's my way of releasing pent up tension. I don't exactly think jerking off is "living it up", as you say. Also, you might consider it pathetic, but it actually is very beneficial, and shouldn't be thrown under the bus for believing it's just pathetic.

  • Jerking off is the best thing man ever invented. Expand your fantasy's. Think about licking a girls ass or sucking the c** out of a nice c***.

  • Those were the best days. I wish I were young again.
    When I was 17, I was slim and flexible. I could bend myself double and suck myself off. I always swallowed so there was no evidence for my mother to find on my sheets. I did this every night and, with practice, could deep-throat myself.

  • Sure you could

  • I took out the vibrator from the c*** ring and inserted into the pee hole and pressing the vibrator on. It gives the feeling of the first time erection enjoyment and throbbing.

  • Try artificial v***** with vibrator, p**** pump, c*** ring, pees slit stretching - play with your mates with some of these!

  • You could try stopping. bet you cant go even a few days without doing it.

  • I could, and have. Helps to be able to go that extra mile, and play my own game of one in the chamber. I just spontaneously do it when I feel like it

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